The dull winter months are finally over!


The gloomy, cold days are gone and hopefully a thing of the past, at least for a few months!  It’s time to brighten up your life and your home and get rid of those drab feelings.  A splash of spring color will help cheer you up and bring the freshness of spring inside.  Let’s look around your home and see what you can do to “spring” it into life!

Decorate your life with spring flowers.  I think one of the easiest and most inexpensive places to begin to bring spring into your home is by using spring flowers.  My favorite spring flowers are tulips, daffodils, and lilacs but there are many others, depending on the region you life in.  There are many flowers that will really brighten up your home.  Replace the flowers in your wreaths around the house with silk sprays of springtime flowers.  You can use a variety of all of the different spring flowers or just use one for your major decorating theme.  Bring the new season into your kitchen by decorating the tops of your cabinets with bright spring silk flowers peeking down on you.  

Pots of flowers, real or silk, will always brighten up a room.  Imagine lots of clay pots or pitchers full of tulips or daffodils sitting on your tables and windowsills!  There is nothing more sunnier when you walk into a room and are greeted with bunches of spring flowers.  Visit your local nursery or garden center for fresh new pots and plants.

When the lilac bushes begin to bloom, pick armfuls of the branches to put into big vases all throughout your home.  Your home will smell heavenly!  These branches need to be changed every few days to keep them fresh looking and smelling.

Adorn your front door with a wreath and pots on both sides full of spring flowers.  What a fresh greeting for your guests!  Add a new bright colored welcome mat.

Lilac WreathCredit:

Bring some splashes of spring colors into your home with a few brightly colored throw pillows.  Choose lime green, pinks, yellow, and purple to really add a cheerful note to any room.  Decorate the sofa with smaller pillows and choose large pillows to sit on the floor.  Add a large bouquet of flowers to match the colors in the pillows.  Replace or recover tired, old chair cushions with sunny new colors.

Add fresh bright colors throughout your home.  Change the towels in your bathroom to lighter and brighter colors.  Go the extra mile and change the shower curtain, rugs, and hang a picture that matches your new colors.  Add a few candles and a bowl of unwrapped, colored soap bars.

Replace “wintry” smelling candles and other room air fresheners with fresh new fragrances such as tropical and fruity ones such as melon or orange.  Having a fresh, clean and fruity smell in your home will really lighten the atmosphere.

Wash your windows to let in the sunlight!  Open all of your curtains and blinds and flood the rooms with sunshine.  Tie a few brightly colored ribbon bows on plain, drab looking curtains.  Use the same colored ribbon for tiebacks. 

Change your eating dishes!  You can purchase new inexpensive dinnerware in spring colors at very reasonable prices at your local discount store.  Add a new tablecloth or placemats, and napkins to match.  Having brightly colored dinnerware will definitely cheer up your family at mealtimes.

Freshen up a drab looking room with a new coat of lighter colored paint.  Lighter paint colors will cheer up the atmosphere in a room and even make it look a little larger.  Paint the trim a lighter color or even white. 

Play light-hearted music throughout the day.  Music can lighten the mood of every home.

Start serving lighter meals such as chef salads and fresh strawberries and take off those unwanted pounds that came on during the winter months.  Take a good multi-vitamin to add spring to your step and lifestyle! 

Speaking of step… How about playing some fun springtime games?  Get out the chalk and play some hopscotch on the driveway.  Gather the family and play fun games that will take you outdoors in the yard such as red-rover or duck-duck-goose. 

Now is the time to learn how to build or put together a kite and go kite flying in a nearby field or park.  You can purchase kite kits at your local toy store or discount store and build a simple kite standard shaped kite or build ones that are fairly complicated and three dimensional.  If you get good enough with your kite flying, consider entering a local kite flying competition or event.

It’s time to start thinking about your garden so the spring months are perfect to begin planting garden seeds indoors to start your seedlings.  Early spring is the best time to conduct a simple test on your garden soil to see how much clay, silt and sand you have in your yard.  To do this you mix one part of soil to two parts of water in a jar and then add just a touch of salt.  Shake and let sit for a couple of days.  While the mixture sits, the salt will break down the soil so you can see the composition.  Sand settles at the bottom, the silt will sit in the middle and the clay will end up on top.  Once you know the composition of your soil you can decide what to add to have the optimum soil for planting.

Spring is peak migration season for birds so check out the visitors in your backyard.  You can attract a variety of colorful birds by putting out the right food, as all birds don’t eat seed or suet.  Replenish your bird feeders to attract the birds that you want in your yard.  Set up a birdbath as all birds love water.  Spring is also primetime for birds to go house hunting but all birdhouses are not fit for every species.  Ask at your local bird or pet store which houses are suitable for your local birds or check online for resources.

As you freshen and brighten your home this spring, you will find that your heart will be lighter and you might find a brighter outlook on life!