What Toronto needs now is Ed's common sense

Ed the Sock - The Crap You Haven't Seen (DVD cover)
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Most folks know that David Letterman is America's longest running late night talk show host now.[1] But who do you think is Canada's? 

Ed the Sock[2] (voiced by Steven Joel Kerzner) held a great run of 16 seasons from 1995 - 2008 hosting Ed's Night Party which was later renamed to Ed & Red's Night Party.[3]

Red is Liana K[4] and is Steve Kerzner's wife in real life. She helped to launch Ed's Night Party as both senior producer and co-head writer. In 2004, she shared the spotlight with him.

If you are familiar with Ed the Sock, you know he speaks his mind. The downside of his show (for me) was his "in yer face" womanizing. Apparently, in real life, he's completely different. Since 1999, Steve and Liana have been a couple and have worked together from home for over 16 years.[5]

Liana K and Ed the Sock at the 2011 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo
Credit: eryn.rickard on flickr / Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

The first time I saw Ed the Sock

Watching MuchMusic one night (around 2001) I caught a snippet of Ed the Sock hosting Fromage[6] 2000. It showcased the cheesiest (hence "fromage" in the title) music videos of the year as chosen by MuchMusic staff.

As I was about to turn the channel, I overheard Ed say "CRAP" and he continued on in a gravelly voice picking apart a music video in such a blunt (yet honest) way that I began to tape the program.

Sure his smartass comments could be deemed borderline libelous, but I laughed until I cried. I suppose being a sock kept his identity somewhat protected. Not surprising though, some of his content has been taken off the air.

For the longest time, I wondered what Ed the Sock actually looks like and I finally found a photo of him in the archives of Ad-Astra.org.[7]

Steve Kerzner  doesn't look like Ed (and I hope he doesn't smoke a cigar, at least not as often as Ed). According to Wikipedia, Ed the Sock's personality is based on two people whose identities are a secret.[2]

Although it was somewhat difficult to find some G-rated video clips of Ed's night shows, I did find some footage on YouTube of Fromage 2000 for your viewing pleasure. First up is 28 seconds of Ed critiquing the Backstreet Boys video Shape Of My Heart:

Fromage 2000 with Ed the Sock

Cheesiest Canadian video Fromage 2000

And he picks on Canadians too (53 seconds):

Cheesiest Group video (only 1 min long)

I think Ed the Sock went international for this one:

A natural leader

Ed had strong political aspirations and proclaimed himself the leader of the FU (Fed-Up) party in 2011. His campaign efforts to run for Prime Minister (albeit purely a joke) managed to inspire a record turnout of voters at advanced polls. Ed the Sock eventually conceded that the "NDP had become the FU vote."[2]

While the Fed-Up party was never registered with Elections Canada, it's aim was to "fight apathy and stupidity" in the Canadian political system. Ed even started his own blog "Nobody's Puppet!" on WordPress where politics and the media were discussed[2] (with brutal honesty).
Backtracking a bit, in 1990 Steven Kerzner ran for the Progressive Conservative party (and for school trustee) in Ontario's provincial election. In a 2009 Toronto Star article by Rita Zekas, he stated, "I'm no longer a Conservative."[8] 
Up next, I include the photo of Ed the Sock's press release dated April 28th, 2011. Following it (in case you don't feel like reading), is a 1:20 second video of him praising the late Jack Layton:
Ed the Sock declares FU victory, withdraws from PM race
Credit: EdtheSock.com

Declaring victory, Ed blows his own horn (cigar)

Ed's outgoing and adventurous

Not only do I admire Ed for his straightforward honesty, I think he's incredibly brave. In his "Adventures of Ed" spoofs, he risks life and limb (um, I mean cigar, guess he doesn't have limbs). 
I couldn't find many clips available on YouTube in this series, but I did manage to locate this one filmed at Sun Peaks, British Columbia, Canada. (Which, by-the-way, is a great place for downhill skiing).
In this 2:32 second video, Ed grooms the trails with "Glen" a snowcat pilot. I have a hunch that Glen didn't want his last name revealed, you'll understand why next:

Grooming the Sun Peaks

Want more?

Crap you haven't seen (unreal and uncensored)

Ed the Sock - The Crap You Haven't Seen
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This DVD is full of unaired content (including banned and censored topics - don't let the kids see this one). You'll also enjoy Ed speaking to celebrities like: Cristina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Lenny Kravitz, Willie Nelson, Tori Spelling and more. BONUS: Ed's first TV appearance, the 1987 first episode of his solo program, and the 1960s TV star that launched his career.

Oh and in case you're wondering

Ed the Sock returned to do Fromage 2013

A Toronto Star interview of Steve Kerzner by Ben Rayner caught my eye December 29th, 2013. In it, Steve mentioned that not a day had gone by (since it last aired in 2006) that people mentioned how much they missed Fromage. It had become a tradition for those who loved it.[9]

Unfortunately, the ice storm affected production and Ed was only able to critique 9 music videos. I viewed them (they are not G-rated for this article) but you can catch them on Ed the Sock's YouTube channel or xsnetwork(dot)com.

Addendum March 11th, 2015

I found out that Ed and Red have launched their own website titled Ed the Sock Central[10] which promises to deliver the goods.

For now, there is a podcast and a YouTube video & TV selection to choose from. (And a fairly racy photo gallery featuring Ed's wife, Liana Kerzner). 

But what I look forward to is hearing Ed speak his mind.