Create uplifting musical experiences within the walls of your own home.

Children will enjoy these musical experiences not only while growing up but will have a love for good music throughout their lives.


Music can help make a happy home.  Use music throughout your day to create an inviting atmosphere.  It's always appropriate to sing and hum within the walls of your home.  Sing to your plants.  Sing in the shower; the louder the better.  Sing lullabies to comfort and soothe the babies.  Sing nursery rhymes with your children.  Play musical games.  Listen for musical sounds all around you:  birds, wind, rain, crickets.

Use a song to teach correct principles or to give instructions to the children.  Many quarrels have been stopped when mother sings songs about kindness and loving one another.  Just adding a melody to any phrase such as, "Jenny, please set the table" will get a smile and the task accomplished. 

Create an interest in music within your home.  Start a musical library for young children beginning with nursery rhymes.  As they grow, continue to add to their collection with music from classical composers, famous choirs and bands, and past and current musicals. 

Provide as many good musical experiences for the family as possible.  Attend symphony and band concerts, perform musical numbers with each other, and listen to good music when traveling.  Have recorded music, various musical instruments, and song books available for family enjoyment.

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Plan family outings that are centered around music.  Seek out musical events and activities in your community.  Find events that are free or that charge very little to attend.  Consider volunteering to perform personal talents or assist in putting on community musical events.

  • School band and choir programs
  • Stage performances at local and state fairs - seek out the small stage events for local musical talent
  • Church choir and organ recitals
  • In-the-Park and After-Five downtown events
  • Piano recitals and competitions
  • Band competitions
  • Holiday opportunities such as caroling at senior centers, 4th of July tributes, singing the National Anthem

Make a variety of homemade muscial instruments for the children to enjoy.  Have shakers, spoons, nails in a can, drums, and anything else that can be used to create a harmonic beat available for children to practice playing.  Provide small inexpensive instruments such as a harmonica, slide whistle, or plastic recorder to children.

Give the gift of music.  Musical gifts such as music boxes, colorful music books, small musical instruments, books on the biographies of famous composers, and cd's make wonderful presents for special occasions.

Develop musical values and talents within your family members.  Practice leading music and learn musical terms as a family.  Encourage children to take lessons in singing or learning to play musical instruments.

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Turn off the television and electronic games and fill your home and life with good music for a specified period of time each week.  Have a different theme for each week such as Broadway musicals, Hawaiian, classical symphonies, big band era, etc.. 

You can create a little bit of heaven in your home if good music is provided for the listening enjoyment of all.