Sometimes owners of granite sinks tend to leave their sinks to accumulate grime and unwanted water stain spots that can form over time. If this maybe you.. then there is a way to to bring back the shine and luster to your granite sink. You will find that most of the things you need are typical house hold items and may not even cost you a cent. the trick with keeping your granite sink in top shape is to give it attention when needed. Never let water stains build up and sit in your sink other wise over time they may ingrain themselves to your sink and you will find it that much harder to remove them.

OK the items you will need for this project , a little dish washing detergent, dry, clean towel or cloth, semi soft nylon or hard brush, and a non abrasive cleaning solution, Ajax should do the trick. This is something where you ask the family to participate in. Set up a clean towel in the bathroom area and tell not ask the family members to to make use of the towel you have placed there. So by rising the sink with warm water and giving it a quick wipe will save you constantly cleaning it and plus the sink is kept maintained. Change your towel every 3 to 4 days with a clean one, and keep it separate from your main towels, so it is used just for the sink.

Once A Week

This can be done on a weekly basis as it is mainly concerned with water stains which have built up over days that may have been missed . If you do find these types of stains on your sink simply apply some dish washing liquid to a bowl with warm water, and using a scrubber dip it in the bowl and lightly scrub away any sings of stains or grime you find on the sink. Then squeeze a clean cloth in the bowel of warm water and wipe away any access soap that's left on the sink and towel dry. This should be done on a weekly basis to prevent any build up in stains, that can become problems if left un-noticed.

Etreme Cases

This next stage is only required if you come across those really stubborn stains, this is whats known as ingrain stains and can be a pain in the butt to get off if left too long. So it is best to keep doing the previous precautions so as to prevent these stains from forming. But if for some un-known reason you do get a ingrain stain than never fear there is a simple solution to removing them. Although i do recommend that you only do this method when there's a need to, do not do this on a regular basis other wise it may tarnish the surface of your sink, only when you come across these types of stains.

As in the previous step have a bowl of warm water handy and a clean cloth, only this time you will need to use a non abrasive cleaning chemical such as clothing powder, or Ajax will do just fine, Dampen the cloth in warm water and squeeze dry and then ad your abrasive cleaning chemical and lightly give the stain a decent rub. If it fails to come out then get a scrubber ad some more solution and lightly scrub the area. This should get rid of that stain, then simply rinse sink and towel dry. So the trick to keeping your granite sink looking immaculate is basically keeping on top of it, and giving attention when needed.