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Must-Have Nursery Essentials

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There is always major delight and exhilaration when bringing a newborn baby home the very first time. Nonetheless, it's important to plan for that day well in advance so that absolutely nothing goes wrong or is forgotten when bringing home your bundle of joy. Choosing a distinct bedroom in your house for the nursery is one of the first steps of preparing to bring home baby. And, once you have specified the room, here's where the real fun begins: designing the nursery and furnishing the room. Whether you are having a boy, girl, or want the sex of your baby to be a surprise, there are many, many possibilities for decorating your baby's nursery.
You might be tempted to go on a baby shopping spree, so it would be wise to create a list of your essential childrens bedroom furniture that you can't do without. The following information can help you pick the most essential furnishings for a baby nursery:

  • The baby crib is most probably the most important piece of nursery furniture. Your child will spend nearly all of his or her time in the crib throughout the initial 12 months. A baby crib can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. If you're working within a budget, you might want to think about a normal baby crib (on the low end of the spending scale). On the other hand, for those who have a few extra dollars and/or see the crib as an investment for the first child and the babies to follow, convertible baby cribs provide great value for the money. A convertible cot bed could be transformed into your child bed, day bed, or perhaps a full size bed for when your child develops. Sometimes convertible crib beds feature extra storage such as drawers, cubicles, or hangers.
  • You may also want to choose a small baby bed for instance a cradle, bassinet or even Moses basket. Whichever baby bed you select, ensure it really is safe and durable.  Because of safety issues, it is probably best that you purchase a new or used baby crib designed with the most recent infant safety standards in mind.
  • As much as you will love your baby, changing his or her diapers can be a bit of a downer yet it is essential. Managing your child's hygiene through bathing, brushing hair, and manicuring fingernails is also essential. A changing table allows you to carry out all these in comfort. Pick a table that's just over waist-high and find one with storage in order to easily stow away and access your baby's diapers, wipes, clothes and other necessities.
  • A night stand or table is an extremely useful piece of baby nursery furniture. You can place a nursery lamp and night light onto it. Compartments can hold little one's feeding products and help keep you prepared for night time feedings.  In the past, I found it helpful to store a baby thermometer and other child emergency items on the nightstand for easy access at night.
  • Early morning nursing sessions can be a happy bonding session for mother and child if you have a rocking chair or glider. This particular piece of baby nursery furniture comes in various models and sizes. Find one that is most comfortable for you personally and you will be able to invest hours of precious bonding time with your child.
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There might be other furniture items you think are definitiy necessities in the nursery but those may be based on personal preference.  The items above, at minimum, will ensure that the first few weeks all the way through the first year of your baby's life will be comfortable and happy.


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