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Ultimate Summer Guide: Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment

There’s the blazing sun and scorching heat on the air once more. It only means that it’s summer all over again. With the uncomfortable heat outside, it is often too difficult to decide what clothes to wear, what hairstyle or makeup to put on, or what fun things to do. Most of the time, we end up wearing shorts and sleeveless tops, putting our hair in a bun and finding ourselves swimming in the pool to cool down. Well, besides these things, there are more other ways you can have fun this season. By knowing what to wear, do and put on, you can definitely have a blast this summer.


What to Trends to Wear This Season?

Summer is all about having fun in choosing what to wear since the season means vacation, travels and outings. Before going all out and buying every piece you see on sale at stores, it is best to have a mental checklist of what you will need during this hot weather season. Are you planning a trip with your loved ones? Or thinking of having a fantastic time at the beach with your girlfriends? Whatever your reason might be, you must always have an outfit to go with the occasion. Here are the hottest trends this summer season that are worth trying out.

The Classic Preppy Look

This trend is back but with a fresh new spin this season. The look now is more eclectic and playful compared before when it was all stiff and stuffy to look at. Add more color when playing with this look. Choose shades of pastel when buying pants and shirts for this look. You must buy preppy-style clothes made from light-weight material since the weather is very warm. 

Color Blocking

Color blocking has been popular since the spring season and there are no signs of it slowing down. It is a fresh change from the basic black ensemble yet still very sophisticated. A solid piece in neon and pastel is what makes color blocking elegant. The great thing with color blocking as well is that you can mix and match items so you have countless of looks this summer.


Summer is not summer without wearing a pair of shorts. They are a staple in anyone’s closet this warm weather. There are varieties of ways to wear shorts today since they are not only for day wear now but also great for night outs too. In order to keep a balance in your summer style when wearing shorts, remember to wear a conservative top. You are already showing a lot of skin with your legs, so complete your ensemble with a cute lacy top paired with a fitted blazer.


Wearing prints effortlessly add more sophistication in any maxi dress. Although Prints may seem too bold for everyone, they are also considered a must-have item in your closet. Floral and Island prints are what’s popular nowadays since you can easily mix and match it with solids. You can buy swimsuits in floral and island prints to add more fun to your look at the beach. 

Best Summer Fabrics to Wear

Now that you are aware of what’s latest on the summer trends, it is now time to select which fabrics to wear this summer. You cannot wear shorts all the time to feel cooler since you might need to attend barbecue parties, meetings, or weddings this summer. In order to avoid being too sweaty and warm while wearing pants this hot season, you must know what kind of material you need to avoid these situations. By knowing which fabric would work during this warm season can help you decide what item to wear during specific summer events.


Seersucker is officially the fabric of summer. It derived from cotton and originated from tropical British colonies. It was first worn by the poor when it first arrived in the US but was worn later on by Southern gents and preps since the fabric is breathable. It is supposed to be worn during Labor Day or Memorial Day only but with the heat this summer, who cares?


Madras is seersucker’s plaid cousin. It is a traditional men’s fabric but a lot of women’s clothes are now being made from it. It almost feels nothing and lightweight, and you can actually wear it all year around. You can wear it under a sweater in autumn and winter and still use it in spring and summer. The fabric is very versatile so you won’t run out of ideas what to pair it with.


Linen is the perfect-weight material for summer outfits. It is very lightweight and breathable. This fabric, however, can easily wrinkle so be careful in wearing linen outfits for long periods of time.


Eyelets are great since there are holes in it. It is very airy and featherweight making it the ultimate fabric choice this summer for constant ventilation. Eyelets usually come in pale shades and anyone wearing it will look demure yet sexy at the same time.


Terrycloth is ordinarily used in bathrobes and linens, but some designers create ready-to-wear outfits from it sometimes. This material is woven from thousands of little hoops that are very absorbent so it will surely keep you dry if you sweat from the heat. Terrycloth is also very breathable making you comfortable in no time. 


Silk is definitely an obvious fabric of choice this summer. It is uncomplicated to layer, very breathable and lightweight. The only downside of having silk clothing is that it is very delicate, so be extremely careful in washing it.


Chambray is a type of cotton with an almost same feel of denim. It is a great choice for transitional months when it is not too hot, but almost there. This fabric is also a good choice for the beach.

Essential Items for Your Closet this Summer

You know the trend and you know what kinds of fabrics are best this summer. Now that you are ready with this knowledge, you are ready to go shopping for your summer outfits that you must have in your closet. Here are few fashion staples that are on trend this summer.

Bustier Crop Tops

A white bustier crop top will make you look chic and casual when paired with cute and colorful bottoms like a maxi skirt or shorts. You can wear this top in countless ways so it is really great to have one in your dresser.

Colorful Ankle-length Trousers

Another way to wear a cute top is to pair it with an ankle-length trouser. What’s hot this summer is having colorful trousers like orange or hot pink. You can wear it during the day when shopping and can easily transition into the night when you are out for drinks with your friends.

Fluorescent Frock

Everyone must have at least one solid neon piece in their closets. So for any special occasion this summer, why not get a fluorescent frock? You will definitely brighten up any event with a colorful neon dress and it will definitely complement your nice tan (artificial or not).

Form-Fitting Dress

In case neon frocks are not for you, you can always go safe with form-fitting dresses. Floral and geometric designs are the most favored this season. This dress type can be worn in formal weddings or at your work - just make sure to wear a black fitted blazer on top of it.

Tank Dress

If you just want to go and hang out with your friends, a tank dress can never fail you. It is a perfect ready-to-wear outfit for any random outings you’ve been suddenly invited. Plus, a tank dress is fun and very comfortable to wear this warm weather.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are great for those who want to feel girly but not overly dressy. You can choose any tribal printed maxis, as well as striped ones, which are in demands this season.

Pastel-Colored Jeans

Since most summer nights are cold, you can also get a pair of jeans in pastel shades. Skinny pastel jeans are essential to your wardrobe since they can flatter any pair of legs with its cut and color.

Printed Shorts

You can never (well, almost) feel cool this summer without wearing shorts. Choose a cutoff shorts that are with floral or island prints so you still look girly and flirty wearing these.

Floral Wedges

Wedges can add more pizzazz in your summer outfit especially if you buy them in floral prints. It looks impeccable in a white sundress or a cute bustier crop top and pants.

Espadrilles Flats

One must-have shoe this season is espadrilles flats. It is fantastic for walks or shopping without scorching your feet under the sun. Plus, you can easily pair it with shorts and tops.

Flip Flops

Of course! You want to protect your feet from the blazing sands at the beach so having a pair of flip flops is a must. Or if you want to go out for a casual walk or simple errands this summer, you can always wear cute and colorful flip flops paired with a corseted top and jean skirt.

Big Beach Bag

Find a tote that can fit all of your loot you need. You can never tell what can happen this summer so get a big beach bag, which can fit a towel, for impromptu beach outings.


If you want to run your errands in style, you can get a trendy tribal handbag that is hot this summer. A great carryall can complement any summer outfit so make sure to choose bold-printed handbags.


Well it is no-brainer that you have to also protect your eyes this summer so why not get a cool pair of shades? You can wear it anywhere - out on the beach, shopping for clothes or just walking under the sun.


Accessorize your summer outfit with great bling like bangles and bracelets. A cute bangle can add accent to your whole look so choose those that are neon-colored. It will surely add ‘pop’ to your overall style.

How to Find Summer Dresses for Different Body Types


If you are a woman with a curvy body, you waist must always be well defined. Flatter your figure by wearing belts or choose dresses with details on the waist like drapes or beads. Shirt dresses are also best for curvy women. They are roomy and comfortable. You can also tie them at the waist if you want to create a little shape.

Select dresses that are solid shades and do color-blocking. Black is definitely flattering and slimming for curvy women. You can also wear brightly colored dresses but colors must be in the right places. Lastly, showing some skin on the legs can help you look slimmer too. Find gowns that have a slit on the side to show off your legs to reveal a long and lean look.

Plus Size

Structured, subtle sexiness and simplicity are what you would look in a dress for the plus-sized women. Look for items like wrap dresses and drape gowns that skim the body and give your waist some definition. Avoid buying dresses with frills, ruffles, embellishments and heavy pleats. You don’t want too much volume added to your dress that would make you look more bulky.

Solid colors work best for plus-sized women. Although black and white can slim you down, don’t avoid colors at all. You can get rich jewel tones and still look leaner. Also, monochromatic designs are the best for this figure type so don’t go overboard on dresses with big prints.


The trick for the boyish figured women is to create womanly definition and curves. Create curves by accentuating your middle part with a belt or beading details. You can also create the illusion of a fuller bust by buying dresses with ruffling details on the chest or wearing dresses with low neckline to emphasize your cleavage.

Dresses with poufs, pleats and peplums add womanly definition to your body. The same thing goes with adding embellishments and adornments. Beads, ruffles and bows all add a feminine oomph to your figure. You can also play with prints too. Don’t be afraid to wear floral, stripes and geometric prints since it adds more depth and character to your dress. Just avoid going over the top with the design and details on your dresses as you don’t want your dress to overpower you.


To create the illusion of a longer upper body, get dresses that are fitted on the top like empire cut dresses. A floral dress with a loose skirt can also hide your excess junk in the lower part of your body and still allows you to look so feminine. Two-toned dresses can also help you with your pear-shaped figure since the lighter shade can easily distract you from looking heavy in the bottom area.

Play around with different kind of fabrics too. Since it is summer, look for dresses made from silk, linen and chiffon since it adds more character and richness to your look. Just avoid layering too much since you don’t want to emphasize your smaller upper body or bigger lower area.

Different Looks for Your Summer Events and Outings

While you’ve already stacked up your closet with your summer essentials, it is great to now create several looks for different summer occasions. Summer is the perfect season to hold weddings, barbecue parties, boat parties and concerts, so it is best to be prepared with a whole different look for each event. You don’t want to show too much skin in every summer event, even if it is always too hot, so you will need to be very careful in choosing your outfit. Here are some ways to mix and match your looks this season.

Boat Party

It is okay to play with a nautical look so you can simply wear a white shirt paired with cute striped shorts. To accent to your plain white shirt, wear a bib necklace and colorful flats.  Lastly, complete the ensemble with a parka since it’s going to be cold once the sun sets. Just remember to wear clothes that are comfortable and fits you well since you don’t want to struggle pulling your shirt down every time that the wind blows around the boat. Ahoy!

Barbecue/Garden Party

It’s time for cute sundresses, big sunglasses and peep-toe wedges! Then, complete your outfit with cute bangles and earrings. You can also wear a cardigan on top of your dress if in case the party last until the evening. Have fun with prints and floral on your dress and make sure the hemline is still appropriate. You can also flats and sandals as alternatives to wedges in case you want your feet to be relaxed. Avoid wearing heels since you don’t want to get stuck in the garden soil. Keep in mind that in whatever you choose to wear this summer, you must feel comfortable and confident with it.

Beach Party

Printed swimsuits are super-hot this summer. You can choose from floral, geometrical, island or tribal printed swim wears. And what’s great is that you are not limited to just wearing bikinis. Bandeaus and maillots are back on trend. Complete your look with a cute flip flops, floppy beach hat and large sunglasses. And lastly, don’t forget to put sunscreen to avoid burning under the sun.

Music Concerts

You must bring the bling out at music concerts. It’s best to watch your favorite band in style wearing a corseted top, short denim skirt, ankle boots and leather jacket. Complete your outfit with leather cuffs and statement rings. Put all your loots and essentials in a stylish satchel bag as well. Summer is a great time to sing and dance your heart out while watching your favorite music artists.


Weddings during the summer are very romantic. So the best way to dress up at this event, as a guest, is with a floral form-fitting silk dress or an eyelet sundress. This way you are still comfortable yet looking sexy and elegant. Pair your dress with nude peep-toe wedges. Accessorize your outfit by wearing pearl earrings and bracelet. Lastly, complete your look with a stylish leather clutch. Just remember to match your whole outfit close to the wedding’s color motif.


Summer Beauty Essential

Summer is not all about fashion and style. This is the best time to take care of your hair and beauty too. With the blazing heat this season, we must protect our hair skin from getting damaged from the sun. So besides keeping a closet full of the latest summer fashion trend, it is also best to keep a stash of summer beauty essentials. Here are a few essential items to have during the summer season.


Do you really need to be reminded of buying a sunscreen? Protect your skin with a good non-greasy hydrating lotion that comes with SPF. Choose sunscreens that are made from cucumber since it offers cooling effect, and Shea and cocoa butter to keep your skin nice and soft.

Water Resistant Bronzers

A no-brainer makeup must have this summer is the bronzer and get one that is water resistant. Choose water resistant bronzers that come with a silky finish and slight sparkle that leaves your skin glowing. It doesn’t wear off with sweat and water too.

Cleansing Wipes

After a day of playing volleyball at the beach or laying out in the sand, your skin will need some serious scrubbing. These cleansing wipes can get rid of the grime and dirt you have accumulated during the day. Some wipes also come with Vitamin E and other ingredients that keeps your skin hydrated that can help soothe sunburn on your skin.

Setting Powder

Finishing powder is a definite must item since you don’t want your flawless makeup to melt under the sun. Buy a setting powder that has a yellow tinge so that it offset the redness from the sun and dark circles.

Dry Shampoo

You hair will dry out faster if you wash and style it every day - especially during summer. You can have your hair freshen up with a dry shampoo instead of washing it. Dry shampoos can add more texture in your hair and more grip if you are going to try braiding your hair.

Waterproof Mascara

Mascaras are a definite must even if you do not have the time to put on any makeup. Choose waterproof mascaras that can lengthen and separate lashes in one swipe. You don’t want mascaras that would add more volume since summer is all about having a “natural” look. This product is also perfect for beach or pool parties since it won’t smudge once you decide to swim or dip in the water.

Powder Foundation

You would want to be protected under the sun so why not get a powder foundation that comes with SPF protection? Powder foundations with SPF are definitely an essential addition to your makeup kit this summer. It can soak up oil and the effect leaves you with a smooth, matte finish on your skin.

Skin Exfoliator

Summer months mean tons of skin exposure. To polish and buff your skin, you need to get a good skin exfoliator. Exfoliating can invigorate your skin and leaving it with clear, healthy glow.

Feet Exfoliator

Cracked heels don’t look good during summer and since you will be wearing a lot of flip flops and summer sandals, you need to have your feet exfoliated to get pinkish and silky smooth feet.

Lip Balm

Lip balms are an absolute must-have item in your cosmetic bag. During this period, or any season, lips can dry and crack so you must always be prepared with a lip balm to moisturize your lips. Lip balms can also make your skin soft and sexy making it perfect for any day or night outs.

How to Protect Your Skin This Summer

The sun is definitely not our skin’s best friend so we must understand how important it is to take care of our skin. It is essential to know how we can avoid damaging our skin from the harmful sun rays because as we grow old, our skin becomes less healthy too. Here are some ways on how to protect our skin this summer.

Wear Sunscreen

It is not only significant to wear sunscreen during the summer, but you need to wear it every day too. The sun is around 365 days and no matter what season it is, we must protect our skin from it. Another thing to take note of is that not all sunscreens are made the same. Some are made to protect you from physical barriers (minerals) while some others provide a chemical barrier that absorbs UV rays. Choose a sunscreen depending on your skin type. There are varieties of sunscreens you can choose from so be extra careful in choosing what you put on your skin. Sunscreens are not 100% foolproofed so you must also take care of your skin in some other ways.

Avoid Going Out from 10am to 3pm

The most damaging time for the skin during the day is when the sun is at its hottest. If you can avoid going out during this time, from 10am to 3pm, then don’t. The longer that your skin is exposed under the sun, the more prone it is to radiation. Do your activities and get your exercise in the earlier or later part of the day.

Wear Protective Gears over Your Skin

Just because you are at the beach doesn’t mean that you only have to be in your bikini all the time. Protect your skin from the sun by wearing covers or sarong on top of your swimsuit. If you are out running for an errand and can’t avoid being under the sun, wear as much skin cover that you can. You can find lightweight clothes made from linen or chambray fabrics that can protect you from the sun. Wear hats and sunglasses too.

Don’t Be Addicted to Tanning

Sunbathing can increase your chances of getting skin cancer. Likewise, sunbathing can also increase the chance of getting premature wrinkles and drying out your skin. Lastly, using fake tan can be unhealthy too as it contains a lot of chemicals which can harm your skin and your whole body. You don’t want that, do you?

Take a Break

When there is no need to slather your skin with a bunch of chemicals, don’t. Give your skin a break from all the things you put into it. Don’t wear makeup if you will just stay at home or wear a hat instead of using a sunscreen if you would need to do a quick run at the store. Allow your skin to ‘breathe’ from time to time.

Rinse After Swimming

This is important especially when you have been swimming in chlorinated pools since chlorine can dry your skin out.

Don’t Spray Perfume under the Sun

Whilst under the sun, avoid spraying perfume on your skin. There are chemicals that can permanently leave a stain on your skin when they react with the sun. It is recommended to spray perfume on your clothes rather than directly on your skin during summer.

How to Protect Your Hair This Summer

There is nothing more beautiful than a shiny and vibrant hair this summer. But the sun can damage your locks, making them brittle and dry in the fall and winter. Here are some tricks to keep your hair luscious on these summer months.

Begin in the Shower

If you forgot to protect your hair and have been out in the sun, you can still give nourishment to your hair. Use hydrating shampoo and conditioner but avoid products with sulfates or sodium chlorine that can weigh down your hair.

Dampen Your Hair

Spray a little bit of water on your hair before going into the pool or the ocean. It adds a few more layers of coating so your hair won’t likely absorb 100% of the chlorine in the pool or salt in the ocean.

Brush Lightly

Your hair is very fragile especially when it is wet so don’t brush hard after you went out of the pool. Use a wide-tooth comb to separate the tangles and to minimize the breakage.

Wear a Hat

One of the best ways to protect your hair from the sun is by wearing hats. You can cover your hair from getting damaged from the sun as well as look fashionable with a cute wide-brim floppy hat or a fashion forward turban.

Easy Summer Hairstyles

When it comes to your hair, summer is not the time to over think what hairstyles to put on. It must be chic and easy like braiding or putting your hair in a bun. But as simple as these styles may sound, you would still want to look fashionable and stylish when it comes to your hair. For easy and chic effect, here are some popular hairstyles this summer.

Smooth and Sleek

This is perfect for those with short hair since you just need to part your hair on the sides then rake it with your fingers. It is a sexy, laid back hair style that you can wear anytime. Just put some gel or mousse to keep your hair in place.


Last season, the topknot was one popular hairstyle to wear. Another way to wear this hairstyle is to move it down about five to six inches from your neck. This would make you look relaxed and laid back gal this summer.


The look is achieved by just curling your hair ends with an iron to get movement and bounce. It is the best hair style to wear while on a date on a summer evening when it is chilly outside.

Faux Bob

If you are tired of your long locks but don’t want to cut it short, you can always try faux bob this summer. Just curl your hair, tuck up the hair ends and pin it to your head. Seal it with a hairspray to hold it in place.

Goddess Braids

For women with long hair, you can braid a section near the ear and pin it around like a crown on your head. Modernize the look by placing hair accents by the braid. This look is best with dinner parties or any formal events.

Up, Up and Away

The bun is a classic hairstyle that can never go old. Once you put your hair up in a bun, make sure to smooth the hair with mousse or gel to tame the frizz and impart a rich-woman shine.

Lush and Long

A long hair is a statement already so what better way to wear it is letting it fall on your back. Keep your long hair healthy by avoiding the hair dryer every now and then. Instead, you can twist your damp hair into a loose bun and letting it air dry. When you remove it from the bun, you’ll see loose waves without split ends you get from blow drying!

Rippled Ponytail

Style your hair in a different kind of ponytail this summer. Tie your hair up into a ponytail and tie it again into another mini ponytail until you reach the end of your hair. Pull the hair to the sides of each section to make a curvy shape. This style is great to wear with tank tops and shorts which are perfect for a barbecue or garden parties.

Side-swept Style

With just a simple move, like letting your curly hair cascade on one shoulder, can make you look elegant and sexy. Hold this style in place by crisscrossing bobby pins at the base of your nape and large amounts of hairspray.


Summer is definitely a time to spend with your family since almost everyone is on their vacation. Although watching movies and TV shows can be a blast, sometimes you just need to go out and get fresh air, right? So gather all your friends or family this summer for a perfect night out or family vacation. Here are some fun outdoor activities you can do with your family or friends this awesome summer time.

Amusement Park

Going to an amusement park, a theme park or a carnival can never go too old. It is one way to have a great time with your family and friends because the amusement park is always filled with a fun and lively atmosphere. Whether you go riding bump cars or hitting targets, you can always guarantee absolute fun for everyone. Just make sure to not move from one ride to another right away – you don’t want to get sick from exhaustion!

Note: Wear comfortable clothes when going to an amusement park. You can put on a pair of shorts and statement shirts partnered with espadrilles flats and a cute satchel bag. This look would guarantee a chic and trendy summer look.

Karaoke Night

Sing your hearts out with your girlfriends on a karaoke night. This is one cheap way to have fun since you can go the nearest karaoke bar or just set up a karaoke machine at home and invite all your friends. Anyway, you don’t have to sound like the contestants in a singing contest to have a memorable night. You can even hit the stage if you have the courage to go in front of everyone. Singing is definitely one great stress reliever for a bad day.

Note: Have fun with your outfit when going out to a Karaoke bar. Just like what to wear in a music concert, you can throw on a short denim skirt and corseted top. Then add a fitted black blazer over your top. Complete your outfit with studded cuffs and signature leather boots. This outfit will surely get everyone’s attention when you stand up at the bar. They also won’t mind your (bad) singing too!

Attending a Music Festival

The biggest country stars gathering and supreme destination for all music lovers, The CMA Music Festival, is held early summer every year. If you want to have a different kind of summer vacation, you can fly to Nashville, Tennessee to attend this wonderful event. The festival brings hundreds of the worlds’ most famous country superstars and celebrities and if you are into music and showbiz, this is the kind of event for you. You will surely have a blast listening to your favorite artists and seeing your favorite stars.

Note: This is a red-carpet event so make sure to wear your most elegant cocktail dress. To stand out in the crowd, choose a neon frock from your closet and pair it with bangles and dangling earrings. Complete the outfit by wearing a strappy floral wedge and a copper-colored clutch. You will surely get everyone’s attention with your fabulous summer outfit.

Summers today are not just all about beach and bikinis. It is the time of the year when you can spend more time laid back when choosing your outfits and hairstyles. Be smart in choosing a great ensemble since most people tend to think that less is better during summer. Also, this season is a great time for you to take care of your skin and hair. Don’t let your skin suffer just because you would like to look fashionable with a tan. Remember that being fashionable does not mean only looking good on the outside, but feeling great on the inside too.