Water is a natural idea for a bathroom theme. It can work for kids and adults. It can be playful, whimsical or elegant. It's really an opportunity to just have a lot of fun with your decor. This can be a lot different then just bringing in a soap dispenser with a seashell on it. You can really get contemporary kinds of design styles.

A fish bathroom can be a very fun idea for kids. In this case you could decorate with a lot of the fun colors and patterns of tropical fish. In fact you could even paint one of these patterns on one wall. This will be very striking. It also makes it suitable for a teen's space just because it's a little bit funky without being too traditional.

Instead of shells you could go for a more tropical feeling. You could even work natural sponges into your display because of the textural and sculptural elements. They will even add a lot of interest to an all white bathroom without using an obnoxious color. You could find soap dishes or sculptural decorations that look like coral for a very graceful and organic feeling to your room.

If you do decorate with shells then try to make them very elegant. This can also coordinate with different stone, marble or granite tile that you already have in your room. However, the shells will have a lot more shimmer to them. Find mother of pearl or capiz accents such as wastebaskets or tissue holders. These won't be in the traditional shell shape; they'll either be circular or formed more into a tile shape. This will keep your room from becoming too kitschy and is a subtle way to add in your theme.

If you want more of an ocean feel then really experiment with moody colors. This can be quiet contemporary or modern feeling. Slate blues or gray make appropriate wall color. Then just bring in an aqua or teal colored tile. If you don't want to retile your entire bathroom you could really just try something like tiling around a mirror frame to give everything an updated appearance on a budget. You could also display sea glass or use that as the inspiration point for your color palette. In these kinds of themes make sure that you leave the fish and shells to the kids' bathrooms. You want more of a sophisticated and less literal take on things.

Turn your room into a getaway. You might have always wanted a beach house but maybe you are stuck in the city. You can give a casual and airy theme to your bathroom just by repainting your vanity and all of the trim in the room a crisp white or weathered gray.

Change up the color palette. This can make things fun and funky for a teen's bathroom and then just coordinate it with the materials that you already have in your space and work it in with your master bedroom. For instance if you did want to go with the typical shell motif you could really make it very interesting. If do use a stencil it really should be quite oversized. This is really going to make a dramatic impact and so it doesn't feel very country you want to keep it in just the two tone color palette. This will make it feel a lot more contemporary. It should also be as large as possible and this way you will only need to use one or two of the shapes in this space. Look for a very fun color. For instance you could try painting a large bright lime shell on the wall to just have a lot of color in your space. This won't really be true to the overall look of the beach, but it will definitely be true to your own sense of style. In this case it can be just the opposite. You could tape off your design so that it stays white and then paint the rest of the room a bright orange. Of course this can be quite overpowering so you will need a lot of light in your space or neutral colors. This almost has the effect of a fashion statement right on your wall.

Most water has a very casual feeling to it. It is a getaway and a place to relax. You can find a lot of different ways to really bring this into your home in a very inspiring manner. You really need to get rid of any of the items in your room that stress you out. This could just be clutter. You may just need to throw away a lot of your old cosmetics or beauty products. This can be a chance for a completely organized and fresh start so that whatever you touch is something that you're actually going to use. This is perfect in recessions just because instead of remodeling or even upgrading to a larger home, you really just have to work with what you have. It's just a matter of really admiring the beauty in the items that you already have and bringing out the beauty in the items that you might not particularly love.

A tropical theme can really mean a lot of different things depending on which tropical location that you are going for. You can use a lot of different turquoises and teals along with a bright white of this kind of sand. It can also be a little bit moodier with different grass elements, palm fronds and darker gray or brown colors. You can even make it quite sentimental by recreating your favorite vacation spot or where you took your honeymoon.

The shower curtain is really a place where you can have tons of decorating fun. In fact this may be the only item in your room that you feel the need to change out and just be very budget friendly. It can also just felt very clean and fresh to get a new one of these items. In fact you could even just change out one of these pieces to really incorporate the theme. For a kitchen this may be going with a fishing inspired vinyl curtain. For a more sophisticated feel that could have a lot of fun just use very bright white curtains that will have that casual feeling to it. For a teen's bathroom think about what beach towels look like. They usually have bright and bold patterns. This is a chance to incorporate different pinks, purples, oranges and greens all in one piece.