Patios provide additional outdoor sitting, lounging or entertainment areas for your home. The purpose of decorative patio lighting is very much similar to indoor home lighting. They provide adequate lighting depending on the usage of the patio, either they may be for plain relaxation for which you need minimal lighting or for parties or get-togethers where you might prefer to have substantial lighting. Patio lighting is usually more decorative than other outdoor lighting but provide a cozy and warm outdoor ambience though.

If you get patio lights with higher wattage, it will definitely create a big rise in your electric bill as most patio lights are left on even when you are not at home. For this purpose, why not invest in separate low wattage lighting that is specifically for overnight use in addition to your regular patio lighting in order to conserve electricity. Also remember that patios are constantly exposed to the brunt of nature's forces which should be taken into consideration when installing the lights to ensure that they are well protected and will last for a long time.

When buying decorative patio lighting, it is important that it blends well with the design of the home and patio, matching it with the wall paint colors and décor. Recessed embedded lights in rails, posts and floor create a pretty look especially during dance parties. String lights, wall sconces, theme-based and season-based lights, sports inspired lights are just some of the hundreds of options. You can combine incandescent lights with paper lanterns or exotic lamps. The list of decorating options for your patio and the surrounding areas are endless.

The choice would really depend on your budget. Incandescent lights are a cheaper buy but LED lights will eventually pay off in terms of lower energy consumption. LED and low voltage outdoor lights have a nice visual effect which are not really too expensive. Outdoor solar lighting will let you save on expensive electric bills. But if budget is not a consideration, you can go for outdoor gas or copper lighting that will bring a touch of class and elegance to your patio and lawn.

Brands such as Magnaray, Quorum International, Fabric Optic Source, Kichler Outdoor Lighting offer many options that you can choose from.
When thinking of decorative patio lighting options, always remember that good lighting will bring out the best in your patio and in your home.