There are many reasons you may want to consider a Brinks fire resistant (or fireproof) safe to store your valuable papers. While few products will stand up to extreme temperature for hours on end, you can find many with a rating of one hour or more. This means your valuable items may actually survive the extreme heat they could be subjected to for long periods of time. Let's look at some of the items you may want to store in a Brinks fire resistant safe.

Your Brinks fire resistant safe can hold many valuable papers and other items that you don't want to lose. While this list will not be exhaustive of all the items it could hold, it will give you a good idea of what can go in the almost heat proof storage box.

Titles/Deeds: Keep the deeds and titles to you valuable items safe in your Brinks fire resistant safe and they may stand up to the heat and survive. Keep titles to vehicles, homes, and other valuables intact with these storage boxes, so they stand up to the heat and survive.

Birth Certificates/Passports: Birth certificates, passports, and even social security cards can be held in these storage box cases to help keep them safe from extreme heat and flame. Keep off these types of items in good repair so they survive extreme heat and flames.

Bank/Stock Info: This could be loan information, stock and bond paperwork, or even savings and checking account information. Your new Brinks fire resistant safe, like the 5054 model, can help to keep these types of papers intact. You may want to look at getting one of these storage boxes is you have banks or stock paperwork that you don't want to lose or have destroyed.

Jewelry: If you have precious metals, gemstones, or jewelry that you want to protect, you may want to consider storing these items in the storage box to keep them valuable. This can really be a good way to use your Brinks fire resistant safe to keep you valuable items, like jewelry, in good repair. These items are not cheap to replace, so it makes sense to protect them as best you can.


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Firearms: Not only can your Brinks fire resistant safe be used to keep items like these in good repair, but it could also be used to keep them locked during all other times, not just when exposed to extreme heat and flames. This can mean keeping kids secure during normal, everyday use. Plus, these items are not cheap, so keeping them protected makes good sense for anyone.

Pictures: Many things have value that go beyond dollars and cents. This could include pictures of you and your family or loved ones. Keep them intact from the heat and you'll still be able to relive the memories you made with the pictures of you and your family.

Hour Ratings

Your Brinks fire resistant safe will generally have a one hour rating. Essentially, this means the unit is exposed to 1700 degree heat for an hour. If it passes the test, the company can call the box a one (or two or three) hour product.

Please note that catchy marketing terms, like "tested at UL requirements" simply mean the product was tested and not necessarily that the product passed the testing.

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