Britain's Got Talent is yet another talent show, which auditions ordinary folk, in order to search and find a new, undiscovered talent. It runs each year in the UK and the 2009 competition had its fair share of controversy.

The winner performs in front of Her Majesty the Queen, or one or two of The Queen's family members, at the year's Royal Variety Show. There is also prize money at stake but this Royal Variety performance seems to be most contestant's ultimate goal.

Britain's Got Talent is not a show that I watched at one time but somehow or other it wormed its way into my Saturday night viewing. The judging panel is currently made up of:-

Amanda Holden.

Piers Morgan.

Simon Cowell.

Backstage comedy duo, Ant and Dec, provide moral support for the contestants and added humour.

The American version of Britain's Got Talent has Jerry Springer as its host with Piers Morgan, David Hasselhof and Sharon Osbourne as the judging panel.

The auditions

Each panel judge has a buzzer in front of him or her. During the audition stages, the judges hit this buzzer when they have heard enough of each performance. Once a contestant receives three buzzers, which show up as huge red Xs behind them, their audition is finished. If they survive to the end of their act the judges vote on whether the act should move onto the next round or be eliminated.

A contestant can go through to the next round as long as they have at least two votes from the judges. It is a simple format and I sometimes feel that audiences would prefer for a hatch on the stage to open and the contestants to fall through into a pit of snakes, or be thrown to the lions, rather than just have three buzzers flash red and make a noise. In the later stages of Britain's Got Talent, the viewers at home can vote for their favourite performer.

One of the hooks that draws viewers into the show each year is the auditions. This stage usually lasts a few weeks and by then viewers are hooked, and carry on tuning in. The auditions are held up and down the country and the contestants range from very young to very old, very talented to having no talent and intelligent to idiots.

The auditions are held all over the UK and the audiences at these venues can be annoying. If they like a contestant, they will yell loudly through all of the performance. So much so that you cannot really assess if it was any good or not.

The show

The show is aired on mainstream ITV but has an additional show called Britain's Got More Talent, which is aired on ITV2 later in the evening. This has a similar format but shows more inside information and for 2009 was hosted by Stephen Mulhern.

Whatever you think of Simon Cowell, he certainly seems to have the Midas touch right now. Cowell made yet more money by persuading countries around the world to stage versions of Got Talent and Idol. American Idol now receives huge audiences each week and the 2010 series has just kicked off. Cowell has now announced though that the 2010 series of American Idol will be his last.

2009's Britain's Got Talent found an unlikely celebrity in the form of Scottish amateur singer, Susan Boyle. Susan was one of those BGT performers who everyone, including me, expected to be abysmal but who was far from this. There can be few people who have not heard or read something about Susan in the last year.

Susan Boyle on Oprah

The Americans seem to have taken Susan truly to their hearts and she is one of the most famous, new celebrities in the USA, right now. With invitations pouring in to appear on shows such as Oprah Winfrey stardom was assured.

However, there is nothing so fickle as a television audience and Susan did not win Britain's Got Talent 2009. Still that is not such a big deal if she finally achieves the career she craves and deserves. The unprecedented public and media attention took its toll on Susan and for a time, after the competition ended, she needed hospitalisation. All is well now though

However, the media and audiences are also known to drop artists as quickly as they build them up. Hopefully this will not happen to Susan Boyle.

Aired at around 8 pm, on a Saturday night, each episode of the show usually lasts about one hour. It is probably one of those shows you will either love or hate. Paul Potts, who is a classical singer, won this competition almost three years ago and now has a successful singing career. He too did not really look the part, and underwent an image transformation, of sorts. Susan Boyle has undergone some physical changes but nothing too drastic. With such a beautiful voice, her image should not matter, but of course, it will.


Britain's Got Talent 2010 will be arriving on British Televisions by Spring 2010.

With the amount of poor quality entertainment available, on British Television screens, a huge audience is guaranteed.