Gas and electricity are basic resources used in households in the UK. Industry relies on them to deliver their services.

In fact energy is vital to human survival and yet apparently oblivious to the fact energy companies continue to rocket their prices, and as usual the poorest are the worst affected. 

Whilst energy providers have a basic need to raise prices in order to survive economic challenges, it is apparent that the increase are as much for the purpose of earning more and more profit, profit which we as a nation can ill afford; people are dying because they cannot afford to use their heating.

Price Fixing Allegations

Recently, a whistle blower made claims of power companies manipulating wholesale gas prices. He asserted rather than this being a one-time deal it had been standard practice for a very long time.

In response the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and energy regulator Ofgem both pledged to investigate claims in an attempt to establish the truth.

These serious allegations were made by social commentator Seth Freedman. According to him, the gas market has been regularly manipulated by some of the biggest power companies in recent years

British Gas caught the biggest backlash from the report, following a roasting in the press over a variety of issues recently. This, for the same company which earned such a good name promoting and supporting numerous initiatives and schemes which gave back to the community.

Claims by Seth Freedman may have their merits, but British Gas vehemently refutes them. A British Gas spokesman has denied the claims have any grounds at all and denied any occurrence of manipulation now or in the past.

According to an Ofgem spokesman, they are working towards   implementation of new EU legislation aimed to tackle market abuse so companies cannot manipulate energy prices according to their own interests, if indeed they are doing so now.

British Gas Profits

People believe allegations of price fixing because they see the company's profits increasing, even though we all use less gas. We have all insulated our homes and now use less gas, so people do not understand how British Gas profits are still going up. It makes no sense at all. If we are using less gas then our bills should be going down and British Gas profits should be falling.

British Gas Community Policy

One of the largest energy suppliers in United Kingdom, British Gas provides services to the millions of people. In recent years, British Gas has become very active in promoting green initiatives and in providing customers with information related to energy savings; a controversial position in direct opposition to the claims of profiteering.

British Gas has launched a partnership deal with Sainsbury's Energy, another giant in this sector. This comes as an effort to raise consciousness regarding micro-generation, small scale energy generation by individuals and small communities.

Both of the companies, British Gas and Sainsbury’s Energy, are offering a range of energy technologies and information in supermarkets for the benefits of the customers. It will allow people to learn about micro-generation and will motivate many ordinary households to set up solar panels to generate some of their own energy.


British Gas offers various tariffs to users including Websaver4. This online tariff allows customers to benefit from huge discounts by managing their own accounts. Future Energy and Zero Carbon are some other tariffs offered aimed at helping to develop renewable energy sources and reducing the consumer’s carbon footprint.

The website is easy to navigate and offers many features which allow the customer to have complete autonomy in his energy management.