Broan makes virtually the only range hoods on the market today, but thankfully hoods are offerred at many different prices.  The Broan Better Range Hood is the least expensive of the ducted range hoods that Broan offers and will run around $110 in total cost.  Before purchasing a new range hood, you must confirm that a duct exists above your stove.  If no duct is present, you will either need to install a new duct (a big home improvement project) or you can purchase a recirculating range hood, which is less effective but costs much less. Broan 30-Inch Better Range Hood(41396)


Unless you are completely averse to home improvement, you can save money and install your new range hood yourself since installation of the Better Range Hood is fairly simple.  Make sure you have some electrical equipment on hand to wire to your new unit to the existing electrical system.  The extent of the electrical work is very minimal and can be done by a novice.  Installation is easier with two people but can be finished with just one person.  When installing the range hood, care must be taken to properly connect the hood to the duct. 


The Broan Better Range hood has two knobs located on the main face of the hood--one to control the fan and one to control the lighting.  Each know has a high and low setting.  On the high setting, the fan expels air from your stovetop at 190 cubic feet per minute, which gives this hood the better classification.  Again, this is the bottom of the line for Broan, but it seems to work sufficiently for any normal sized residential kitchen.  The fan itself is a little loud but is not completely distracting.  Broan does offer a quieter model for twenty extra dollars, which, if important, may be worth the extra money.  For lighting, this model includes two sockets for 60 watt bulbs, which will provide ample light for your stovetop. 

The Verdict

The Broan Better Range Hood offers an inexpensive, no frills option for consumers.  Its design is simple, yet not unattractive, and it is offered in white, black, stainless steel, and bisque to match any kitchen.  While the fan can be a little loud, it provides ample power to displace air from your stovetop.  Simply, this range hood will do what it is meant to do.  It is not extravagant.  It is a quality, economic solution for someone who needs to update or remodel their kitchen.