In 1992 President Bush Senior said “I’m President of the United States, and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli. Broccoli has long been one of those green vegetables that we all tried to avoid eating when we were kids. If your childhood was anything like mine, you were basically forced into eating vegetables like broccoli whether you liked it or not. It was an effort by my parents to ensure that we had a balanced diet and were getting proper nutrition.


But everyone has heard of that before. We all knoBroccoli(48938)Credit: that vegetables are good for you. Most of us never bother to learn why. What if I told you that broccoli, the same green vegetable that we love (and hate), was one of the best foods that people could eat to help prevent cancer? Would you believe me?

 Broccoli Helps Prevent Cancer

You don’t have to take my word for it, look at the science behind broccoli. In 1992, the same year that President Bush Senior said that he wouldn’t eat anymore broccoli, a group of researchers at Johns Hopkins University published a study announcing that broccoli, according to their findings, prevented the development of tumors by 60%! It gets better. Of the 40% who did develop tumors, broccoli helped reduce the size of the tumor by 75%!


If that isn’t amazing, then I don’t know what is. The idea that a small vegetable, that is only 30 calories per cup, can help prevent a life threatening condition is simply amazing.


The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a 10 year study on nearly 

50,000 men on the relationship between cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli) and the development of bladder cancer. They concluded that the consumption of vegetables like broccoli produced a strong inverse correlation in the development of bladder cancer.


These scientific breakthroughs aren’t anything new, however. Even in 1982, the National Research Council on Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer stated that “there is sufficient epidemiological evidence to suggest that consumption of cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli) is associated with a reduction in cancer.” This was in 1982!

Eat More Broccoli!

The evidence clearly suggests that it is in the best interest of people to eat broccoli. It not tastes very good, but the benefits sure do outweigh the costs. Please understand that I am not an expert on diet and nutrition. My opinions are based solely on the conclusions of scientific research conducted by experts.  If you have a problem trying to eat broccoli, you can try dressing it up a little to give it some flavor. But at the end of the day, make sure that you are eating enough broccolis. You don’t even have to eat that much. Studies have shown that a daily consumption of just 10 grams of raw broccoli (that’s just 1/8 of a cup!) can significantly reduce your risk for developing cancer.