"Brodus Clay is as Fierce as a Honeybadger" ... (Matt Striker, WWE NXT)
Credit: Wikimedia

Brodus Clay Is Here To Dominate!

When the image of Brodus Clay is put in front of your eyes, there should be a few words that come to mind: Dominant, behemoth, monster, animal... this list can go on for a while. Brodus broke through onto the WWE landscape via his participation on the WWE webishow, NXT. His entrance into season 4 was accompanied by Ted Debiase Jr. as his pro. Throughout the season, this changed to Alberto Del Rio and even Ricardo Rodriguez (which worked because of his charisma). If I can bet money on who I think will be the future of WWE, then I would put a few wedges of money down on it being the big bad new suplex machine, Brodus Clay. On this past week of WWE, he was described by Matt Striker as "Fiercer than a Honeybadger". If you don't think that's fierce, then check out the image above of a honeybadger taking a snake to town. Surely, Matt Striker's comments imply that Brodus Clay will be going after the 'Viper', Randy Orton. I think I might be looking too deep into the subtext/implication of that comment though.

There is no doubt though in my mind - Brodus Clay has the look, charisma, in ring ability, mic skills that will catapault him to the next level. Week after week they have thrown no name jobbers (one even behing AJ Kirsch from Tough Enough) to Brodus on WWE Superstars for him to devour. He has mowed down each of them one by one in devastating fashion. For a man of his size, he looks incredibly agile. After the display of resilience he showed at WWE Extreme Rules (getting back up for an important spot after losing large levels of blood due to a ladder shot to the head), Brodus surely must have earned the respect of many fans and WWE insiders. The only doubts that can arise will be based on his look. There is always a possibility that Vince, Dunn or any WWE insider will turn their head one day on Brodus and give him the Husky Harris treatment, moving him back to their farm territory, FCW. He was seen as overweight, and it's fair to say that Brodus Clay doesn't have the most flattering physique and body type. However, as previously mentioned, Brodus has the mic skills that far and above exceeded anybody else on NXT, and even most of the current main roster. His final promo on NXT was a well delivered message. He told the fans that night that he would go through each and every one of their heroes as retalliation for not winning the competition. An eye for an eye is definitely the new motto for this juggernaut.  

Brodus is back from filming a new WWE Film project and is all healed from the concussion he recieved at the hands of Christian. He has goen through 4 jobbers on WWE superstars. I think now it's time for him to get that push back up onto the main roster. Personally, I hope we see him on RAW. Smackdown has been overloaded with so called 'big men' and 'monsters' for a while now, with men like Kane, Big Show, the Undertaker, Great Khali and Mark Henry leading the upper card slots for that weight type for a while now. I believe Brodus should be put on RAW and  continue the slow process of going through each guy on the roster. Put him up against the Primo's, Curt Hawkins and JTG's of the roster and keep the booking the same. He wasn't booked to deal with much offence.

He said he would make the audience pay for destroying his dreams. Week by week, he is making a statement. Now feels like the start of a long journey to keep that promise. Keep an eye out on Brodus Clay. I would hope that WWE has big plans for him.