Broga Bag
Credit: Lululemon Athletica

Male camaraderie can be found in all places associated with sports, motors, food, outdoors, etc., and now also in a less obvious location, within the yoga studio.   As the practice of yoga grows in popularity, the once female dominated yoga studios have slowly become a more dynamic mix of women and men, which has led to the creation of a new term and a new movement in yoga, called Broga. 

Broga is actually a real class being offered by yoga studios and retailers, such as Lululemon Athletica, with growing popularity. One studio in particular, Broga Yoga, is dedicated to this new trend and has been featured recently on PBS.  The idea behind a broga class is to offer a non-intimidating introduction in the practice of yoga for men who may not be not quite be able to touch their toes, or shins, or knees.  Since most yoga studios are otherwise filled with bendy and toned flexibly bodies, the option of broga provides a more subtle first yoga experience with targeted beginner movements and the use of plain terminology versus the usual Sanskrit words. However, after attending several classes, attendants will likely become more familiar with the various Sanskrit yoga terms, as well as poses, which may open them up to attending a non-broga class. Of quick note, despite its name broga is actually open for women to attend as well, however the room is still heavily dominated by men.

For anyone who has ever been to a yoga class, they can attest this is not an easy workout and broga classes are no different.  The flow of movements in a broga class may not follow what is typically expected in a beginning yoga practice, but each motion is still focused on strengthening the body’s core muscles, improving muscle tone, relaxing stress, and building strength.  The first series of broga classes tend to focus on the dominant strength areas for guys, being the chest, shoulders, and arms while progressively helping to loosen the hamstrings.  These motions are generally designed to help strengthen the core muscles and the increase flexibility in the hamstrings which will reduce strain on the low back, leading to better posture and reduced risk of injury. And as most guys are aware, low back pain is common ailment which is extremely uncomfortable in all situations.

Still in its infancy, broga is slowly catching on in the yoga community, effectively becoming a new movement in yoga. Some additional information and a list of tips and advice targeted towards dudes interested in beginning yoga are laid out in the article, Beginning Yoga Tips for the Modern Man.