well built in Canada

tough to weather


easy to replace parts if needed


long lasting



There are none!

Broil Mate Gas Grill 46" 40000 Btu 400 Sq. In. Lp Black
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(price as of Mar 26, 2016)

Full Review

As a family that uses their barbeque almost everyday, I can only say positive things about this product.

We first purchased ours in 2002. In a society of throw away, we would see lots of barbeques at the ends of driveways in the spring. Although barbeques are recyclable, and there are ads in the paper for free pickup, it is nice to be able to hang on to a bbq for as long as we have. There was never a need to replace it, it worked so well.

We have not babied this grill, we used it while living in a trailer and building a house. Every meal was cooked or warmed up on this grill. I learned to cook everything from pizza to casseroles on the barbeque, in all kinds of horrible weather.

When we finished the house, it was still there, now on the back deck. I guess we should have bought a cover for it, but we never did, so this barbeque lived through waist deep snow drifts and still kept working.

It was only this year (2010) that we decided to replace the grill parts inside. You can get replacement parts for these, no problem.

We were going to buy a replacement barbeque, when we discovered how many other brands are on the market, and how cheap many of them look. Just by opening their covers I know they would not withstand our family. We needed a "well built" barbeque.

The Broil Mate is made in Canada, and has done us well. Today we gave it some new parts, but after 8 years of almost daily use (yes even in the winter) I think it deserved it. So, we did not ad to that pile of barbeques at the end of the driveway. We have kept our reliable bbq and will continue to do so.

In Closing

I would highly recommend a Broil Mate bbq. Compared to many other brands on the market, it is nice to have one built in Canada, with a good heavy duty feel to it, to withstand our weather.

Just because the burners may eventually wear out or the metal fades, doesn't mean you have to throw them away.  You can get all kinds of affordable replacement parts from the burners to the grills themselves, and barbeque paint to make it look new again.  Dont' throw them out, upgrade them and save the landfill.

Broil Mate Gas Grill 46" 40000 Btu 400 Sq. In. Lp Black
Amazon Price: $249.00 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 26, 2016)