Subungual Hematoma

Toe Injury Dangers

No matter what the injury, if it's not treated correctly, serious complications can develop. Toe injurues are no different, in fact there's a chance that toe injuries might potentially be worse for the ugly symptoms that can arise if the toe is not taken care of soon after the injury.

No matter if the joint is broken, sprained, dislocated or cut open there exists some risk. In order to help alleviate the chance of the injury worsening we've included some possible dangers relating to a toe injury.

If you've seriously broken your toe you could potentially have a compound toe fracture. This occurs when the actual broken bone protudes through the and is exposed to the outside world. Not only is this incrdibly painful you risk disease and viruses entering the wound and further hurting the bone potentially cuasing irreversible damage or requiring serious surgery.

Improper healing can occur if the toe in question is not set back properly in place or "reduced". An injured person can have a toe nounion or toe malunion whereupon the toe either doesn't heal completely or heals improperly. This can arise from someone trying to make use of their injured toe too early in their recovery stage.

A nasty symptom that can arise is known as a subungual hematoma. This is a nail injury and happens when, after breaking the toe, the blood pools underneath the toe nail. This complication can be small or large and requires someone (ideally a doctor) to prick a small hole in the toenail and drain the blood out of the injury. In some cases the entire toenail may need to be removed which is painful and can take a fair amount of time to recover from.

If the wound is open toe diseases or toe viruses can enter the system and caused either sores, scabs or skin problems around the joint. If the toe is exposed to dirty environments all sorts of infections can spread across the body. If you've stubbed your toe and cut it open, it's best to act fast and apply polysporin or some equivalent germ killing balm that will help to eliminate any viruses.

There are also some possible long term complications of a broken toe. Arthritis, stiffness and joint pain can all plague someone who has had a toe injury for months or even years after the initial trauma. Taking care of the toe as soon as possible and consulting a medical practioner is crucial if you want to avoid some nasty long term developments.

The lesson here is act quick and be fast when you've injured your toe. There's no point wondering what to do or if the toe will be okay after it's been broken. Talk to your doctor, use the broken toe treament methods available and work hard in the short term to avoid long term complications that could cripple your toes for life.