A book authored by J. Matthew Nespoli titled, "Broken," has also one of its fictional characters use that same word to explain the despair of the ongoing of their lives. Appendix A has the list of characters and explains each person's personality. Once I went over it, I sensed all of them ache to find the missing ingredients in their lives that are meant to uplift their moods and also hope for a better life. I had deep trouble figuring out what Nespoli was trying to communicate when he wrote this book. An answer came to me via a movie (Saw VI). People have the will to live. No matter what horrible things they have experienced, they want to feel uplifting emotions. In the real world, numerous people unfortunately didn't have enough emotional ties that helped them keep on living their lives.

The Book Being Distinct

In the manner of chronological order, Broken took place between ten years (October 1996 - August 2006) in Los Angeles, California. The story was told from a first-person perspective. I haven't read many novels, and this one had sections of the book divided by different characters taking turns on the narration. It was my first time experiencing it. So, essentially the book didn't have chapters in the conventional way. Broken was further divided by different months. A table of contents was also excluded.

J Matthew Nespoli's Writing

I didn't really enjoyed reading Broken that much. I wasn't star-trucked by Nespoli's writing and his storytelling. I wasn't awed by the expressions he used when describing the scenes; I didn't notice the creativity of using the English language. I wish I were able to articulate further what I mean. Anyways, that's not the main reason I didn't had much fun reading it. To me, all the characters except for one were negative towards life and people. Nespoli's created the people with flaws, and having difficulty to get their life in order. The characters were at an age where they are making costly mistakes. It's not his or her fault as everyone goes through the same phase. These mistakes just happen to have gut wrenching consequences. However, with that statement, there is a debate on each person being responsible for his or her actions. I did felt like these characters should try to find a solution when they were acting without graciousness. They gave an aura that they wanted pity so they can feel better.


My favorite character in the book is Amber. Her story was filled with danger and trust issues. I enjoyed following the situations she was in. She placed herself and her daughter, Kimberly, at risk of being victims of a crime. Amber was an amazing person who abruptly left home because of the circumstance she came to face. Her terrifying ordeal finally subsided as she persevered because she's a survivor.

My Way of Categorizing It

I would categorize Broken as a dramedy. In addition to having tense scenes, Nespoli was able to make me laugh at times by having his characters say humorous things. They were all done in accordance to their personality. It didn't deviate from the true nature of each individual.

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