Accessories are crucial to the success of any decorating project, and many homeowners have embraced the sophistication of bronze bathroom accessories. These accents can range in color from nearly matte black to lighter shades of copper. Some decorators opt for a complete finished look by coordinating accessories in one finish, but this step is not absolutely necessary for successful design. Hardware can be mixed and matched to some extent, but homeowners electing to incorporate bronze accessories should select similar shades. Decorators can vary hardware by adding touches of silver for contrast.

The first step homeowners should take before beginning any remodeling project is to establish a budget. If the project seems too expensive, then people should consider the many ways savings could be realized. Purchasing multiple accessories together can generate substantial savings in a package deal. Allocate the greatest funds to the most important changes. Sink faucets are crucial to any new project, so quality fittings is an absolute must. Modern faucets can serve as the centerpiece or focal point of the overall design. Quality faucets pay for themselves by reducing water bills and energy costs. Homeowners should list the changes they want in order of importance, and they can easily make substitutions or choose cheaper materials for the low-end items. Projects can also be implemented gradually, adding a piece when finances permit. In the long run, the latter strategy is probably best because it will allow homeowners to create a quality transformation over time.

Oil-rubbed bronze bathroom accessories add flair and panache to bathroom remodeling efforts, and this popular finish matches many styles of decor. Oil-rubbed bronze finishes evolve over time, becoming more gorgeous with use. Matching all accessories and faucets will create a formal, polished look. Contrasting hardware creates an eclectic atmosphere that many decorators prize. Apportion contrasting hardware fairly evenly—one lonely faucet in chrome would look very odd in a room with dozens of bronze accessories. Faucets are the most expensive accessory, so modern designs might utilize chrome faucets and bronze accessories such as towel bars, shower curtain rods, switch plate covers, drawer pulls, and other essential accents. However, period restorations require bronze, brushed nickel, antique brass, or wrought iron faucet finishes for verisimilitude.

Lighting is an essential requirement for bathrooms, and fixtures can reflect the overall finish style. Whether homeowners opt for two, three, four, or five lamps in fixtures or choose modern LED lights, bronze finishes can create a stunning look of consistency. Wall sconces are a popular choice for period designs, and table lamps can add warmth and charm to cooler designs. Adequate light is essential, but dimmer switches should be added to create mood lighting for relaxing tub soaks.

Bronze bathroom accessories are suitable for high-end designs or starter homes. Many elements must work together to create a properly functioning bathroom. These essential functions include tub/shower, toilet, sink, lighting, storage, mirrors, and safety devices. The best accessories enhance the function of these elements and look good doing it. Oil-rubbed bronze finishes take center stage, working well under any lighting style or design theme. The finish complements solids, patterns, prints, and stripes with equal aplomb. Oil-rubbed bronze accessories improve in appearance as they age, making the investment in quality fittings economical and practical. These accessories bring unparalleled eye appeal to any home remodeling endeavor.