Credit: HL-3040CN

The competition among LED printers is getting more and more intense in the Printer Industry. Brother itself is trying to make a competition between their high-end LED printers. Indeed they are competitive, yet even if they come from the same brand of manufacturer the market would still compare them no matter what.

Brother managed to reach the masses by providing inexpensive laser LED printers. Now the question is which among those models they introduced is worth it to be considered. That’s why here’s a brief comparison of two LED laser printers from Brother which offers advance printing technology that is poised to replace laser light printing. The HL-3040CN with color and network features, over the HL-3070CW with color and wireless features.

Since both of them are color laser types, let’s consider it as one thing that these two competitors have in common. So first let’s tackle their design, but honestly aside from the difference in color coating they’re basically identical. Probably because they are both in-line with the HL series, that’s why. Each side panels is covered with an off-white chassis, while the top which is also where the output tray sits is in deep-blue color. Well it seems that there’s a hint to distinguished one from the other, the HL-3040CN’s paper drawer is also coated in deep-blue tone.

Setup is standards for both models. Install the consumables mainly the Brother TN210 toner cartridges and laser drum unit. Once they’re properly installed in place, run the installer on your laptop or computer. During the installation you’ll be prompted with an option to either connect the printer via USB or across the home/office network through the Ethernet port for the HL-3040CN, while the HL-3070CW offers Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Anyway, no matter what you choose, the installation wizard will certainly do the rest.

If speed is one of the factors that you consider when choosing a printer, well let’s make it short, it’s a tie between these two. Both of them can print at a speed of 17 pages per minute in mono and color mode. Print quality will more likely end up with a match result since these two LED color laser printers uses Brother’s Digital LED printing technology and has maximum resolution that can reach up to 600 x 2400 dpi.

Paper capacity again is a tie. A 250-sheet standard cassette-style input tray comes standard on both units. For non-standard media types and sizes, there’s a single-sheet feeder right above the input tray. Additionally, these two printers use straight-through paper path.

In terms of extra features, the HL-3070CW might actually get the highest spot since it supports Brother iPrint&Scan application for wireless mobile printing from Apple, Android and other smartphones that can be paired with a printer. That probably, is the most striking feature that the HL-3070CW can use to break the tie.