Though Brother printers are among of the best printers sold in the market, they could be just like any machine or gadget that can fail anytime. They sometimes get stuck and send several error codes to the monitor or LCD screen during the printing process. Users can be confused on what these error codes mean and how to fix them. In this article, we will tackle about the error codes and ways to fix them without worries.

The following are the usual error codes encountered:

Error code 41: Unplug Printer

It can be fixed by unplugging the printer from the power source and then wait at least 2 minutes before plugging it back and turning it on.

Error code 40, 42, 43, 44

These error codes appear due to high internal temperature of the printer. Turn off the printer, unplug from the outlet and let it cool down for a few minutes.

Error code 8F

The paper feed motor has a problem and must be replaced.

Error code E50: Fuser unit damage

This error code appears when the heat roller of Brother printer is damaged. You must replace the heat roller right away to prevent this error from showing up again.


Error code E51: Fault with protection in the laser beam

This code is encountered when the mirrors, the beam or the lid are not placed in their proper positions or not fitted properly. Just put them back on their proper places and make sure they fit perfectly before running the printer again.


Error code S05: Error with data bus

The remedy to this error is to turn off the printer and shut down the computer since there is a problem during the transfer of data on the parallel port.


Error message 'Black pages'

Brother 960 and Brother 1260 printers are the ones that commonly experience this kind of error. As the error message is flashed at the screen, black pages are actually printed out from the printer. The remedy is to replace the Diodes D30, D31, D32 and D33 and a gauge 22 jumper is needed to make the printer work again. Q21 and Q22 transistors must also be checked together with R109 resistor. If you don’t know much of these things, it is better to bring your printer to the closest service center immediately or call a technician.

Error message 'Check paper path'

The error was caused by misaligned or dirty eject rollers, which must be paralleled and kept free from dirt. After that, try using the printer to see if it works already.


Error message 'Cutter problems'

Paper jam is often the result of this error which is due to defective cutter spring. Simply remove the cutter from the printer, clean it and lubricate it to be able to function again properly. If it still shows the same error message, replace the gear train.

Error message 'Poor copy quality'

This error is common to Brother Fax machines dated 1993 to 1994, which is caused by unclean glass and scanning mirrors. Gray dots are being printed on the paper as a result of this error. Clean the glass and scanning mirrors right away to make sure the gray dots won’t appear again. But if it does appear again, there is a problem with the camera. The printer should be turned off for a whole day before trying to print once more.

If the above mentioned ways to fix the errors did not turn out to be successful, you must ask the help of a technician for printers and fax machines before doing any further repairs all by yourself.