If you are trying to eat better and save money, then here are some brown bag lunch ideas that you are going to love.

It just takes a little bit of planning, but you can make a great lunch to take to work.


Before you hit the back button, thinking boring.. You can get some great lunch ideas, from dinner. Why not make your dinner tonight and make an extra serving on purpose. If you are cooking chicken, then cook some more, or any other protein you are eating for dinner. Make enough for another serving, including vegetables.

But you say "I don't want the same dinner I ate last night for lunch today." So change it up a bit. If you have cooked chicken, then cut it up and put it in a container, then make a quick salad, and throw in a whole wheat roll, put the chopped chicken in your salad when you are ready to eat. Take some of your favorite salad dressing and you have a quick lunch. Or stuff a whole wheat pita with chicken and vegetables.

Or if it is a cold day, take your chicken and vegetables in a container and heat them up at work if you can. Make sure to include fruits and vegetables with your lunch, this way you are getting a nutritious meal with all the food groups. Make this up right after dinner. That way it is done.


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Make a pot of hearty soup or stew on the weekend and take a thermos of your soup to work along with a whole wheat roll, and a yogurt.


You can always use the old standby sandwich, but don't do this every day, or you will get bored. You need to add variety to your lunches. You usually eat something different each night for dinner right? So why eat the same old sandwich for lunch? I would run to the nearest restaurant too if I did that. So, keep variety in mind when coming up with lunch ideas.


Invest in some microwave safe containers, and thermos's. This way you have everything for your  lunch ideas. Get creative. If you have facilities at work, such as a microwave or kettle, then prepare your brown bag lunch with this in mind. If you don't or you have to eat out on the jobsite, or on the road. Then fill a thermos with your hot food. You can get a thermos for soup, coffee or a wide mouth one for stews and soups. Keep your hot foods hot and your cold foods cold. Purchase a cooler bag for your "portable lunch" and some cooler packs. This way you are prepared.

Be prepared

Eating a healthy homemade lunch is not only good for your body, it is good for your wallet. You can come up with some great ideas, there is no need to be boring with all the great containers you can use for your lunch. There are even designer cooler lunch bags. Some even look like the old standby bag! Just make sure and make as much as you can the night before, so that you are ready and prepared.

Brown bagging it to work is cool. Eating lunch out everyday, whether in a restaurant with the fatty burgers and fries, or just lining up in a lunch line for a simple sandwich, this all takes time. Unless you have a huge amount of time for lunch, you might be better off coming up with some brown bag lunch ideas, enjoying your lunch as soon as your lunch begins, simply by opening your drawer or the office fridge. Then take a walk for the rest of your break. You will start your afternoon off less stressed.

Plus the money savings can add up big time. Even if you spent $5.00 a day, on a purchased sandwich, that is $25.00 per week on a sandwich that you probably didn't even like. That is two movie tickets on the weekend.

So, just be prepared with lunch containers, cook extra dinner, pre-cut vegetables, so that you can just throw them in a container, such as carrots, celery, green or red peppers. Have fruit around, such as apples, oranges, pears as these are the easiest to transport.

Put everything in the fridge the night before, so you can just grab it, or have your thermos set up on the counter ready to fill first thing. If you have everything out in front of you first thing in the morning, then you are more likely to stick to it. Have your  bag or insulated bag ready, and don't forget utensils! Have them already in before you got to bed.

You can go a step further for saving some money, You can get instant Starbuck coffee sticks (instant gourmet coffee in a single serving pouch or stick) or some tea bags, and bring a kettle to work, or use the kitchen. This way you have a hot drink for after your lunch, at the fraction of the cost of running to the coffee shop.

If you think ahead, you can come up with a game plan and some great brown bag lunch ideas of your own. So, make dinner tonight with that extra serving and start your brown bag lunch habit tomorrow. You will control your portion sizes, and control salt and other not so good additives that you are going to get at a restaurant or take-out.

This way, you made your lunch and you know what is in it! You can probably even throw in a couple of cookies, and still save huge on calories compared to a typical restaurant meal or takeout.

So, come up with some of your own brown bag lunch ideas, and make your lunch interesting, and healthy, you will feel better in the afternoons, and you may just lose some of those stubborn pounds you have been trying to get rid of.

Check out some of the designer, trendy and chic insulated lunch bags and totes that are on the market now. It has never been easier to bring a brown bag lunch to work, than now.