When you are installing your new window treatments, making sure of the right selection of drapery rods is just as important especially when using eyelet curtains for your coverings. Brown curtains that are either tab topped or eyelet style can benefit from a highly polished gold curtain rod, or for a muted color, distressed copper will work nicely as well. Using multiple shades of brown, and designer curtain hardware will have your friends or family wondering if you hired a professional to do your windows for you. By learning the fine art of color combinations, which curtain styles work best for each décor situation no window will go un-decorated in your home.

Brown Curtains and The Right Drapery Rods

You would be surprise to find out that interior decorators never look at the price of drapery, but what works best. So if they are doing a project that requires brown curtains accented with gold, they may spend thirty dollars total for a window makeover, or one thousand dollars. It is the trained eye of the designer that dictates the actual finished product. Now they may be limited by a budget, and in most design situations they do have those constraints. At times they will come within a dollar of the high end of their financial constraints, and other times – the homeowner will be saved hundred if not thousands due the decorators product decision.

If you will watch some of the home staging shows on HGTV like "Designed to Sell", you will pick up the basics, which have made these designer in high demand when off camera. They know that keeping it simple yet elegant will go a long way to please a larger selection of the population, and they keep to that design process in every job they accept. I guarantee with a little practice your brown curtains project will be a huge success, and the drapery rod selection for each room will become second nature.