Brown Eyes Makeup – Eyeshadow Tips

Brown eyes makeup tips

Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin in the iris and brown eyes are the most popular of all the eye colors. There are various degrees of brown eyes and can range from a light or amber warm eye color to a deep dark brown to almost black brown eyes. Brown eyes makeup can enhance the wow factor of your eyes with a few simple tips that you can practice and use every day to get the best look for you.

Daily skin care is the first and most important step to great brown eyes makeup.

Use a cleanser for your skin type every morning and evening, follow with the appropriate skin toner to prepare the skin for moisture, use a light amount of moisturizer and allow it to fully absorb and end with a daily eye cream or eye gel. The sooner you start to take care of your skin, the less likely you are to develop deep lines and wrinkles and your eye makeup will go on more smoothly, evenly and will enhance your eyes.

Warm Brown Eyes makeup or Cool Brown Eyes makeup:

Lighter brown eyes or eyes with a hint of amber in them are known as warm colors and these look best with makeup colors of earthy browns, peach and light orange, muted green and cream or beige colors.

Darker brown eyes are cool in color and will look best with makeup colors that are dark brown, blue, plum and lavender, pink and cream.

Brown eyes makeup

Eyeshadow tips for brown eyes:

Use a set of makeup brushes made from natural bristles to get the best professional eye makeup that allow a smooth application, they hold the color better, provide even blending and reduce bristles falling out of the brush.

Choose three colors from your warm or cool palette with one dark, one medium shade and one light shade as a highlighter.

Brown eyes makeup - eyeshadow tips

Add the darkest eyeshadow color from your palette in either a brown or plum and apply a thin layer to the entire upper eye lid area blending carefully all the way out to the outer edge of the eye lid.

Use the medium or second eye shadow color inside the crease of the eye lighter towards the inner eye and darkest towards the outer eye. Use a smaller eye shadow brush to add a thin line of this same color to the under eye area just below the eyelashes and avoid any color into the eye.

When you like the depth of color from the first two eye shadow colors, add the third and lightest color as a highlighter to the area under the brow and extend it all the way across that area. Blend, blend and blend all three colors so that no visible lines show one color starting and another color ending. Take time to blend well using a professional eye shadow brush and you should get a perfect look.

Use dark brown or brown black eyeliner to the skin area just above the top eyelashes all across in an even line and again on the lower eye area just below the bottom eye lashes.

* Never add color inside the eye to avoid infections or irritations.

Finish the eye makeup with a layer or two of dark brown or black mascara and use the powder brush to add a light coat of finishing powder to the entire face. This will set the makeup for all day wear.

Keep makeup brushes clean after each use for long lasting wear, the best application and to avoid infections and irritations to the eyes and skin.

Brown eyes makeup is easy to do with these eyeshadow tips, a little practice and vary the color combinations you wear daily to avoid being bored with your makeup look.