Vintage leather motorcycle jackets for men are cool apparel that stands the test time. They're popular jackets for men to wear and compliment each men's style eloquently. Brown and black vintage leather motorcycle jackets have become a fashion icon. They've been made popular particularly from Hollywood movie stars. It doesn't even matter if you're motorcycle rider or not. Vintage leather motorcycle jackets match just about anyone who wants to look cool, hip, and menacing. Vintage leather motorcycle jackets are a bit expensive. Most leather jackets will at least cost you a hundred dollars online or at local clothing stores. If it's made from real genuine leather, then it won't be cheap.

Where to Buy Black Vintage Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Men

Interstate Jackets - Interstate leather jackets doesn't get anymore classical than this motorcycle jacket. These are black vintage jackets for men to wear for a traditional appearance. The Men's Black Austin Jacket is a classical throw back motorcycle jacket. It's a polo zipper jacket that features two side zipper pockets, a zipper chest pocket, and a button down belly pocket. The inner lining is made out of polyester and the outer lining is 100% genuine leather and is decked out in pitch black. It's not exactly cheap, but online at jcwhitney it's going for a little over two hundred dollars. It's available in medium to 4x large sizes for men.

James Dean Leather Jackets - James Dean is one of the coolest actors of his generation. James Dean leather motorcycle jackets can be very expensive. The Calvin Klein Black James Dean Style Men's Leather Jacket isn't too expensive. It kind of has that Steve McQueen vibe to it as well. It's a zipper jacket made with authentic leather. It will keep you warm and looking dazzling at the same time. It features two side zipper pockets. It only costs $159.99 online at You can also check out, they got a decent men's black James Dean jackets for sale that features grade A leather, one breast pocket, and two side zipper pockets. It's a different jacket than the Calvin Klein, but the prices are the same.

Castle Vintage Leather Motorcycle Jacket - Castle Black Vintage Leather Motorcycle Jackets are made from authentic cowhide leather. Features include YKK zippers, pre-curved sleeves, and polyester inner lining. The cuffs can be button down. It's a zipper jacket that includes two zipper side pockets. It's a little expensive and costs close to three hundred dollars online at The castle logo is engraved onto the breast of the jacket. You can also customize the color to a black jacket with tan stripes. Or you can choice the pitch black jacket color. I personally think all black looks much more attractive in style.

Where to Buy Brown Vintage Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Men

Xelement Brown Vintage Leather Jackets - You often don't see brown as a color used in leather motorcycle jackets for men. However, it's still not a bad color and there are definitely brown vintage leather motorcycle jackets for men to purchase online. I think Xelement, personally, makes the best leather motorcycle jackets for men. They're reasonably priced leather jackets as well. The Retro Brown Bandit Buffalo Leather Cruiser kind of has a Steve McQueen look to it. It's made with 100% brown buffalo leather. It's a fully ventilated jacket, featuring air vents for each arm. It's going for sale online at

Xelement Embossed Leather Jacket - If you're looking for a brown vintage embroidery designed leather motorcycle jacket for men to wear, then the Embossed Eagle Retro can make you look like you're in a motorcycle gang. Xelement products use buffalo leather for their jackets. The front of the jacket features two chest zipper pockets, two side zipper pockets, along with zipper cuffs. A removable polyester inner lining is featured as well. The back of the jacket features an embroidery design of "Live to Ride" on the top and "Ride to Live" on the bottom. In the middle is an American Eagle. You can find these brown vintage leather motorcycle jackets online at biker hiway,, ebay,, and amazon.

Men's Legendary brown Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket - It's a Wild Stallion Buco replica jacket that's rather expensive. The Wild Stallion is truly an authentic and vintage brown motorcycle jacket. It features genuine chestnut brown horsehide leather, a zippered chest pocket, zippered right hand warmer pocket, button down collars, and nylon lining. Zippers feature antique brass giving it a traditional look. It's rather expensive and costs over $600 dollars online at