There are many Brownie Girl Scout Try Its that the girls can earn at home. The Brownie Handbook has over fifty different Try Its, and even though there are two years of scouting at the Brownie level, it is not possible to complete all of the badges. Some Brownie Try It require more than one meeting to complete the activities. Even if you meet twice a month during the school year, that still leaves many patches left untried.

In addition, some patches simply do not lend themselves well to a troop meeting, as they are more independent in nature. The requirements cannot be accomplished because the activities take too much time, you do not access to a computer lab, you do not have enough sports equipment for each girl, or the great outdoors is too far away (if you live in a city).

Many parents want to be more involved with their child’s activities, but work and other family obligations prevent them from being able to volunteer at their daughter’s meetings. Mom or Dad can still be involved by helping their daughter earn badges at home on their own time and at their own pace.

If this is something you want the girls in your troop to do, then I would send a letter or an email home that would say the following:

Brownie Girl Scout Try It Handbook

“Hello Parents!

We are having a wonderful time this year in Brownies. The girls enjoy the activities we do together during our meetings to earn the Try It patches for their vests. The girls have expressed interest in earning even more Try It patches than our time allows. If you are interested, you can work with your daughter to earn one of the Try It’s attached to this letter.

You can earn them any time during the year. When a Try It has been earned at home, you need to inform me via email what Try It your daughter did and the four activities she completed with you. On my next trip to the Girl Scout store, I will purchase the badges for your daughter’s vest.

I will present the patches to the girls during the meeting and ask them to share with us why they chose this patch and what they did to earn it. Seeing that other girls in the troop did Try Its at home may inspire the other girls to try those activities, too!

Earning badges at home is completely optional. We talked about this at our latest meeting and your daughters know they can do one or more if someone is willing to “Try It” with her.

Please contact me if you have any questions about earning Brownie Try Its at home.


Your Troop Leader”

Here is a list of Brownie Girl Scout Try It patches the girls in your troop can earn at home and the pages in the Handbook in which they can be found.

Dancercize (pages 24-25)

Healthy Habits (page 32-35)

Hobbies (page 36-37)

Safety Sense (page 50-51)

Sports and Games (page 52-53)

All in the Family (page 58-59)

Earth is Our Home (page 98-101)

Watching Wildlife (page 140-141)

Water Everywhere (page 142-143)

Computer Smarts (page 150-151)

Point, Click, and Go (page 162-163)

Earning Brownie Girl Scout Try It patches at home not only is a great way to learn more about scouting, but an opportunity to involve parents in the process.