Have you noticed Bruise like marks on your legs or arms and can't figure out what they are?

   Two things I recommend doing that have worked for me. One : increase vitamin D in the body and Two: cut back on the wheat in your diet.

 The first one is easy, to increase vitamin D you basically have two options, of course number one is spending more time out in the sun and getting your need the natural way. However if you are like most people and have a busy schedule, hanging out at the beach or at the park more, is just not possible. So I guess you are left with option number two, and that is buying yourself a bottle of vitamin D from the drug store.

  Chosing the right vitamin D for is not  difficult. There are some vitamins that come mixed with other things such as calcium. However you don't want those,  just simply look for straight vitamin D on its own.

 The recommended dosage on the bottles is one pill per day or 1000 iu. However to properly treat the affected areas and fast, you should increase your dosage to 4 pills per day or 4000 iu. Now don't worry about an over dose on vitamin D, not possible. I can personally attest to that seeing how I am still alive and in good health. You only want to increase your intake in a safe matter untill the problem is gone. After the skin you have treated the issue  you may want to reduce the intake to 2 pills per day or 2000 iu. This is what I am currently taking to maintain a good operating system and a higher energy level.

  The second part to this mystery is wheat consumption. This harder to do since wheat is in everything we eat now a days, some label reading is in order. The reason for bringing up wheat is that although it maybe something recommended by your doctor, it is not the healthy choice we are made to think. In actuality wheat is responsible for a variety of health issues which I am not going to get into here. the short explanation is that wheat creates what are known as small LDL particles ( Low-Density Lipoprotein). There are various types of LDL particles in the food we eat but these particular ones are not recognized by the liver. Since the liver does not recognize these small LDL particles they can start and over time will create problems on their own. One of them, for the purpose of this article, is inflammation in the body.

  A combination of these problems, the lack of vitamin D and the high consumption of wheat  will eventually lead to greater problems, one of the most visible is the bruise like blemishes.

  So, a quick summary to fix the problem: increase your intake of vitamin D and  watch your wheat consumption. Cut back the cereal or muffin or bagel in the morning. Skip the sandwich at lunch and eat something fresh and light. Eat a different snack instead of the granola bar at break like fresh veggies and not too many pasta nights or soups with noodles in it.

  This is what worked for me and I feel great!