Information about the song Grenade by Bruno Mars

Now I will be telling you some wonderful information and facts about the song which is called Grenade which is by Bruno Mars. This song was first released on September 28th 2010 and if you ever want to purchase this song then I suggest you purchase Bruno Mars’s album which is called Doo- Wops & Hooligans. The length of this song is about three minutes and forty two seconds. This song was first recorded on 2010 Larrabee recording studios and Levcon studios L.A(which stands for Los Angeles), California. The genre for this song is pop and R&B. Did you know that Bruno Mars real name is Peter Gene Hernandez? The producer for this song is The Smeezingtons. The two labels for this song are Atlantic and Elektra. The people who wrote this song are Peter Hernandez (who is also known as Bruno Mars), Andrew Wyatt, Claude Kelly, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine and Brody Brown. If I were you I would carry on reading to find out some more amazing information and facts for the song which is called Grenade which is by Bruno Mars (and I will be telling you some more fascinating information and facts about Bruno Mars soon). So I hope you enjoy.

General Information about Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars was first born on October 8th 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Not only is he a singer but he is also a song writer and a record producer. Did you know that Bruno Mars can play the bass, drums, guitar and the key board? The types of songs he does are Hip Hop, R&B, pop, soul, dance, alternative Hip Hop, reggae fusion and contemporary R&B. Now I will be naming the entire albums Bruno Mars has made so far (which will be in order). In 2010 Bruno Mars made an album called Doo- Wops & Hooligans. If you are a Bruno Mars fan the I suggest you don’t worry because I’m pretty sure that Bruno Mars is trying his very best to make many more albums/ songs as soon as possible for you to listen to and if you know the words then you can sing along to the song as well. If you don’t know the lyrics then you can learn them really easily.

Extra Information about Bruno Mars

Sadly Bruno Mars has only been on one tour but as I said earlier don’t worry because the more albums he makes the more tours he gets to go to and you can hear all about it. As you should know that all famous people have web sites especially singers and Bruno Mars web site is called: The labels Bruno Mars has been in so far are Atlantic and Elektra. Now I will be naming some of the people who Bruno Mars has associated with in his songs or just worked with for a short amount of time. Some of the famous people Bruno Mars has worked with are B.O.B, Cee- Lo Green, The Smeezingtons, Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars has collaborated with many more other famous singers. Even though Bruno Mars has not been very famous for long he has made quite a great amount of fans (especially for a starter). Soon I hope Bruno Mars makes millions and millions of fans by the time he becomes much famous then at this moment. Well I hope you have enjoyed reading this superb piece of information (which is including some of the facts I have told you about as well) which is about Bruno Mars and Bruno Mars’s song which is called Grenade and I also hope you have had fun watching the music video for this song which is called Grenade.

Bruno Mars - Grenade [Official Music Video]