Bush Hog Rotary Cutter

What Are Brush Hog Mowers:

If you’ve spent anytime out in the country, whether on your own property or doing work for someone else, then you are certainly familiar with  the land clearing power of brush hog mowers.  Constructed using thick 1 inch un-sharpened blades, brush hog mowers use a type of mechanical innovation called rotary mowers.  Dependant on the sheer torque of rotary motion spinning at up to 150mph, brush hog mowers have no trouble cutting through dense grass, brush, vines, and debris.  Although they are not designed to leave a smooth pleasing cut, when attached to a decent sized tractor, they can go where no other walk behind mower, or bush hog can go.  

Brush Hog Mowers have features built in to make sure that they don’t take on more brush than they can handle.  The blades, intentionally not sharpened are made with high grade heat treated steel.  They are not fixed in a rigid position like a conventional lawn mower.  Instead brush hog mower blades hang suspended so that if they strike something hard like a stump or rock they bounce out of the way, and the centripetal force quickly brings it back to its proper location. 

Types Of Rotary Cutter Mowers:

There are a number of different manufacturers of brush hog mowers, and while each has there own distinguishing features, the operation is usually very similar.  Most land clearing equipment is designed to attach with the three point hitch system on the back of tractors.

Bush Hog Rotary Cutters - With up to a 3 ½” cutting capacity, Bush Hog Rotary cutters are the most popular, one of the original innovators of the brush hog mower.  The largest Bush Hogs have a cutting diameter of up to 12FT, however they require a minimum of 80PTO horse power to operate. 
Rhino Rotary Cutters - Another long time leader in the brush hog mower market, Rhino Rotary Cutters are known for their durability and cutting power.  Their rotary cutters are limited to brush with roots up to 3 inches, however they pack impressive features into their units like cross braced blade pans, and dome shaped layered decks for easy cleaning.  

Land Pride Rotary Cutter - Land Pride rotary cutters are available in several various sizes to fit the needs of your land clearing task.  They are well built and fast cutting brush cutter mowers with a reputation for being dependable.  

King Kutter Rotary Cutter - If you are looking for something priced a little more reasonably, King Kutter brush hog mowers are known for being basic but dependable.  They do not have many of the features that other rotary cutters include, but for the price they are a great piece of heavy duty land clearing equipment.  

Brush Hog Mower Safety:

If you are going to use a brush hog mower, be sure to follow basic safety guidelines outlined in your owners manual to ensure you stay safe, and to extend the life of your machine.  Because the blades of a rotary cutter can spin up to 150mph, be sure you survey the land you would like to clear for obstructive debris.  Also, make sure no one is standing within 100FT of your rotary cutter when in use, as debris often flies through the chain guards of the unit.