Brushing Your Teeth To Make Them Pearly White

How many times have you seen models and actor's teeth and wondered how they get them so white? I constantly found myself thinking that they must get them cleaned once every few months to allow them to always stay white; it turns out that they simply have a few tricks up their sleeve that allow them to maintain those pearly whites. It is hard to grasp the concept, but it is not about using a special toothpaste or toothbrush; it is simply about how you brush your teeth. By using these skills listed below I was able to whiten the overall shade of my teeth, and keep them that way; I am sure that you will be able to as well if you follow the same guidelines.

Brush At Least Twice Per Day

Everyone has been hearing this line since they were children, but not many people seem to maintain this habit after their eight birthday. The truth of the matter is that teeth should be brushed at least once every 12 hours; this is because after 12 hours the bacteria eats away at the enamel on your teeth and begins to affect your actual tooth structure. The easiest way to follow this rule is to brush them once in the morning, and once before bed; this does not stray away from your regular hygienic routine so nearly everybody can follow this with ease.

Divide Your Mouth Into Quadrants

I have heard many different people telling me various ways to brush my teeth: up and down, side to side, and inside to outside; however, I have found that the most effective way is to divide your mouth into 4 and spend about 45 seconds on each fourth. From my experience, the scrub pattern is not nearly as significant as the amount of time spent on each quadrant of your mouth. Ensure that you are brushing from at least the start to finish of an average song playing on the radio and you should be fine.

Brush Your Tongue

That big pink thing in your mouth does not only hold your taste buds; it is the home of plenty of bacteria that can make their way to your teeth. Aside from freshening up your breath, brushing your tongue also removes these bacteria from its home and eliminates it. Less bacteria means less plaque build-up, which ultimately means having whiter teeth.

Floss After Every Brushing

This skill follows the same general idea as the paragraph above. A lot of bacteria find their way into the small crevice in between your teeth; they do this because they are left untouched by your tongue and other foods throughout the day. Unfortunately, as they are building their homes in between your teeth they are also inviting plaque and other bacteria to join; these things ultimately make your teeth look yellow and make it difficult to remove that yellowish tint. You are going to want to stop these intruders in their tracks! Grab a pack of floss and use it in between your teeth after every single brushing. By doing this you will ensure that they are eliminated before they get a chance to build their homes; ultimately, leaving your teeth white than ever.

Now that you have read about these skills, use them to your advantage the next time that you brush your teeth. Obviously your teeth won't look white after only one brushing, but if you utilize these skills on a daily basis I can promise you that you will definitely notice a difference sooner than you can believe. And remember, the next time you see a model with pearly right back at them and show them that yours are whiter!