Bubba Gump Restaurant Times Square Review

Bubba Gump

Bubba Gump in Times Square, New York City is a casual dining sit-down restaurant serving American style cuisine. Based off the Forest Gump movie and carrying the Forest Gump theme throughout the restaurant, Bubba Gump's is a fun and friendly restaurant suitable for the whole family.

Our group arrived at Bubba Gump's for dinner after watching a play in the nearby theatre district. Even though it was after 11pm on a Wednesday night, the restaurant was still 3/4's full with after theatre diners. There was plenty of staff on and we were quickly seated. The theming of the restaurant is particularly well done, as if Forest Gump and Benjamin "Bubba" Blue had opened a shrimp restaurant off their successful shrimp boat business. Items that could have been used by the business are hung on the walls as well as a lot of memorabilia from the movie.

Being a chain restaurant in Times Square, I must admit I had low expectations, but some of our groups were big fans of the movie and wanted to eat there. I was very happy to say I was proved wrong, it was fantastic. The service was top notch, the food was great, the prices were good, especially being in Times Square, and the theming really added to experience. We really liked that the drinks menu was on a ping pong bat, and you flip the sign over to "Stop Forest" if you wanted anything from the wait staff.

Run Forest

Specialising in seafood and cajun dishes, we struggled to settle on what to order as the selection looked good and orders on other tables looked delicious. Between our group, we had fish and chips that came on newspaper from the home town of Forest, with the local news on it, a seafood sampler, pulled pork sliders and Bubba's After The Storm Bucket Of Boat Trash, which consisted of shrimp, fish in cajun spices and Canadian lobster claw. We washed this feast down with a icy cold cocktails as it was still well north of 90 outside. Though a significant proportion of our dinner ended up going back to the kitchen un-eaten due to the generous portion sizes, the girls couldn't help themselves and ordered strawberry shortcake for dessert. It too was enormous and they certainly enjoyed it. As an added bonus, you got to keep your cocktail glasses which were actually very nice (or more exactly, they gave you new unopened boxed ones) so we now have multiple heavy glasses to cart with us for the rest of trip.

This restaurant will never win a Michelin Star or at the same class level as The Bull and Bear, but nor is it trying to. It sticks to its theme throughout and its blend of southern and cajun fish dishes are perfect for a summer evening feast. The staff looked like that they enjoyed working there, greatly adding to the already excellent ambiance. If you're looking for a fun, family friendly restaurant in Times Square with tasty food for a good price, you won't go wrong giving Bubba Gump a try.

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