Bubble pizza is an easy and delicious meal idea that your family will love. It is a casserole-style variation on classic pizza that makes pizza fun and interesting again. Buy ready made unbaked pizza crust, a jar of pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and your favorite toppings and you are ready to go. Not only will your family love to eat this yummy meal, they will have fun helping you put it all together as well. It is really fun and easy. If you are a pizza fan, you will be a fan of bubble pizza.

Things You'll Need:

*Refrigerated pizza crust in a can like Pillsbury classic pizza crustpizza dough

*14 oz jar of pizza sauce

*Shredded cheese (as much as you like)

*Toppings you like. Pepperoni is the best!

What you will need to do:

Step 1

Open the can of refrigerated pizza dough and unroll it. You can choose your favorite brand, or even the store brand. They all work well. Just make sure you get one that is in the can.

Step 2

Rip the dough into small pieces and roll into balls. You choose the size. Each one will be a serving and smaller ones are easy to eat. Do whatever your family will enjoy the most.

Step 3

Place the dough balls into a greased 9 by 13 inch casserole pan.

Step 4

Pour the pizza sauce over the dough so that it covers all of the balls and the bottom of the pan as well. If you miss a couple, just use a spoon to put some of the sauce over each dough ball.

Step 5

Layer grated cheese on top. I like to use mozzarella or provolone, but any cheese will do. It just depends on what flavor you like.

Step 6

Layer pepperoni and other desired toppings on top.

Step 7

Place in a preheated 400 degree oven and cook and bake 15 to 20 minutes until dough is baked through and cheese is all melted. It will be brown around the edges.

Step 8

Allow to cool for a few minutes then serve with a big spoon. It's delicious.