Bubble tea

One at a time, you see happy customers walk away with a sealed plastic cup of colourful liquid with interesting looking toppings inside. 

‘Why is it so popular?’

‘I don’t know what to order?’

‘What are those black balls?’

As you ask yourself these questions you also think to yourself how on earth are you supposed to know which tea and topping would be a good combo?

Well, if you’re not a frequent customer, you will not know.

Yes, there are several flavours of tea and yes, there’s an endless combination of tea and toppings you can try but some will just not taste as good together. This article will help you solve your confusion when you’re waiting in line being indecisive.

What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a drink that was originated in the 1980's in Taiwan, it is also known as pearl milk tea or Boba tea. It has steadily become an internationally top seller drink within the last decade, spreading throughout the US states, Europe and Australia. Popular franchises such as MacDonald's have also begun selling these drinks in their stores in Austria and Germany. The ingredients of this drink vary throughout different stores and are often altered to suit the demands of local customers.  A few tips below will give you a head start as to which to try.

The popular list

Seek out the most popular drinks; they are usually presented quite visibly to the customer as the ‘most poplar drinks’. The drinks presented on that list are the safest bet and will not taste weird.  The most popular ones that have been a trend in the stores are pearl milk tea, passionfruit green tea, redbean matcha milk tea, taro milk tea and mango green tea. 

Sugar percentage

Many of the tea stores give you the option of how much sugar you want in your drink. The standard shot of sugar varies throughout the stores but you can choose to have 75%, 50% and 25% of it. Most people stick with 100% as it is the standard amount, however if you’re a little bit worried about your calories, feel free to reduce the sugar level, however, it may not taste as good!

Volume of Ice

The amount of ice cubes they put into the drink is another subtle component that alters the taste accordingly but more importantly, it monitors the duration of the coolness of each drink once it has been prepared. Each teashop has their volume of ice they place in the drink and the consumer can usually request less ice (if they intend to drink it earlier or do not want it to be as cold). 

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can ask the bartender to suggest you a different type of drink. Everyone's preference for their bubble tea will be different, so be prepared to try the various combinations and discover your favourites!