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tagsCredit: selfIt isn’t every day that the conditions are completely perfect to leave a treat to be found in Vancouver during the spring. My city has more than its fair share of rainfall during the regular days of the year, but during springtime the rain flows. Luckily on Monday we had a wonderful break with a big dose of sunshine, so I could perform my newest secret service act.

This time I wanted it to be in proportion to a sudden influx of cash I received. I’m a strong believer in training myself to give now while my funds are respectable so when my wealth increases I won’t have to think twice about donating. Ten percent of the funds I received is fifteen dollars, and at first I was a little concerned that I would not be able to make as big of an impact as I wanted. I scoured the Internet for ideas that were inexpensive, but also tons of fun. A blog[1] I never read before mentioned going to a park with toys catered for children to play with. I called up my mom, and we went to Target to find three things to fit into five sandwich ingredientsCredit: selfbags to leave at local parks.

Within minutes, my mom found a pack of six bubbles and a twenty pack of chalk while still being far below my fifteen dollar budget. The tricky part was finding a ball small enough for the bag, but big enough so it would not be a choking hazard. We searched the toy aisles and party aisles, but the closest I could find to what I wanted was a bag of suction cup balls. We made our way to the checkout when I looked down the pet aisle. A bag of five multi-colored mini tennis balls seemed to jump out at me! They were perfect and exactly what I wanted at a great price to boot! It was drizzly the day we collected the ingredients, so we decided to hold off putting the treats in the park until a sunnier day arrived. 

number oneCredit: selfMonday arrived at a toasty eighty-five degrees, and I knew today was the day to pass out the bags-of-fun. My mom wasn’t able to go with me, so I was a little nervous that people at the park would think I was some kind of weirdo leaving drugs. I pulled up by the first park, and another car pulled in behind me. I took a few deep breaths and picked a baggie and walked into the park. It was nine o’ clock in the morning, so I didn’t expect that there would be many, if any, kids in the park. There wasn’t anyone there, so I placed the first bag took a couple of pictures and walked out. My heart was pumping, and I didn’t make eye contact with the people in the car still parked behind mine. I simply looked forward and went to my next destination.#2Credit: self

The tiny park I went to next is surrounded by houses and many retirees, the perfect park for grandchildren to come to. As I walked toward the park and an older gentleman was walking in as well. He tipped his hat like we were in the south and said, “Good morning.” I returned the salutation and waited until he passed the play structure. I put the bag in a place that wasn’t as obvious, took a couple of pictures and walked back to my car.

stairsCredit: selfThe next park had a lot of people, but the playground was empty. I started to pretend that the people at the park were in on the secret service act with me, and then I felt much better and at ease. I found the perfect spot and snapped another picture and walked back to my car with a smile on my face. No one seemed to notice my presence, which I was pleased with, and I headed out to the gas station before going to the park by the river. 

swingCredit: selfWhen I arrived at the next park, I saw that a semi was wedged in the tunnel under the railroad blocking the shortcut back to the highway. This inspired me to remember the final park, I wanted to drop a treat off at. I parked my car and saw that there was no one playing at the park. I wore flip flops so the dew from the grass moistened my toes. This playground has sand instead of bark chips, and my freshly wet shoes collected a fair amount of sand. I put the bag on a swing, took a picture, and then walked back to my car.

The traffic was backed up a little bit because the truck was still wedged in the tunnel. I wasn’t troubled because it seemed like every DJ knew my predicament and decided to play all my favorite songs. It was a pleasant drive by the river, and several people were on the boardwalk exercising and chatting with each other. It felt like everyone was in a good mood. I arrived atfire engineCredit: self the final park, one that I’ve never been to before. It has a cool theme of fire trucks, and the entire structure is red and white. I was instantly drawn to the structure built to look like a fire truck. There were a few people who looked at me strangely as I placed the last bag on the window and took a few photos. I took my time making my way back to the car because I didn’t want the experience to end.

Later that day my soon to be sister-in-law asked if I was the one who talked to her about leaving the treats in area playgrounds. I told her that I did that this very day. She went on to tell me that her cousin found the first one I had planted, and that it made his day. That in turn made my day, and now I’m eager to plan my next secret service act.