A good choice for many Infobarrel authors

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Bubblews is a relatively new Internet content management site which can be useful for those wishing to write articles. The site has an easy to use format. Best of all, each author receives credit each time their work is viewed. When sufficient credit is accumulated, the author can receive a cash payout.

Bubblews allows registered authors to post text relevant to a category. The post can include a photo but this is optional. Submitted content can be quite short and easy to create. The site imposes a minimum size limit of just 400 characters. This is about 80 words or so, a small paragraph. Most posts are actually longer than this minimum amount. Content is better indexed by the search engines if it contains more text. The average size is closer to 250 words.

While photos are optional, they are recommended. Large amounts of text can be difficult for readers to absorb. They may also skip content if there are no visually interesting elements. A catchy photo, therefore, can help to attract many more visitors.

Lately, many writers are looking for additional Internet sites in order to broaden the diversity of their content portfolios. With the rash of changes to various search algorithms, this approach is quite wise. By establishing alternate content hosting points, writers minimize the disruption that they may experience when changes to established accounts are made.

Infobarrel authors should consider joining Bubblews. The site submission rules are fairly similar to those at IB. There is no requirement for writers to have their own account with the large online revenue producing ad services. The time necessary to post material is low. A person used to producing quality items at IB will have little trouble posting effective material at Bubblews.[1]

Many contributors have received substantial amounts of money in the past few months. The minimum payout is $25. This might represent perhaps 2500 viewers, each earning a one penny credit to an account. There are bonus credit amounts for various site activities so the revenue calculation algorithm is not simple to follow. If contributors concentrate of provide good material, and gaining readers, they can safely ignore the revenue calculations and concentrate on producing more. The money will accrue quickly enough. In time, it should even gain at a faster rate.



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