Today is my birthday! And I've always wanted (and said to myself) that I should make something new each year on my birthday!

I guess it's even too early for a bucket list because I've always imagined I would still be living for the next 20 years or more..J But then only time alone can tell so I'm writing my bucket list now.

What is a "Bucket List"?

It is simply a list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket" or die.

So here is "My Bucket List":

  1. Have a picture with Mickey Mouse. (I always have this child in me who wants to experience Disneyland)
  2. Build my own a la Victorian house (or at least the interior of it)
  3. Enroll in graduate school
  4. See Eiffel Tower
  5. Be in Palm Springs (I've always read about Palm Springs way back and it seems to be a wonderful place. My feelings for the place seem to be the lyrics of a song - "I knew I loved you before I met you.." )
  6. Explore and enjoy Philippines
  7. Plant a tree every September 15th
  8. Write a book
  9. Publish online a good story
  10. Be debt-free!

It can come in any order.

This is still my partial list since most of what I've mentioned might be too much to handle already...

Want to create your own bucket list too? Want to know how I started with mine?

To start with it, get a hold of your pen and notepad or laptop whatever might be applicable.

Next, I thought of the following:

- The things that I have in mind for the longest time.

- Things that I very much wanted to do.

- The places I want to see or simply where I want to be.

- Those things that kept you awake at night (those things that only strikes during night time especially when you're already in bed)

- All the things that I want even the ones which seem impossible right now. You'll never know it might be possible in 5 years or even less.

I hope I have inspired others to create their own bucket list too. Who knows what will happen after you have just written down the dreams you never realized were just sleeping in your heart.

Don't focus on what you can't do or can't have but on what you will achieve. They say it is when we start internalizing what we want do we only do what we want.