There are a variety of options for those of us looking for relief from stiff neck and shoulders. Living in Japan has opened my eyes to a variety of options to find relief from a stiff neck. I go for a massage twice a month at a local chiropractor clinic. It is also very easy to get hold of Japanese buckwheat neck pillows. This kind of pillow can also be used as an effective tool to prevent the pain associated with a stiff neck.

What makes a buckwheat neck pillow so effective?

Japanese buckwheat pillows are designed for comfort and as they mold to the shape of your head and neck, they provide optimum support which reduces the pressure on that area of your body. Lower pressure and increased neck support provide greater comfort than standard foam or feather filled pillows which makes buckwheat neck pillows a perfect choice not only for management of pain but for those looking for a comfortable night's sleep.

Pillows filled with buckwheat hulls conform to the contours of your head and neck and keep them elevated and aligned with your spine. For those of us who sleep on our sides, these pillows provide support so that our neck does not bend. Organic buckwheat hulls are a pillow filling that provides the best support for your head and neck vertebrae. The pillow molds itself to the contours of your body. This holds your head and neck steady which can help to eliminate neck and shoulder pain, reduce headaches, fight back aches and combat tossing and turning during the night.

Buckwheat neck pillows ideally will contain organic buckwheat hulls. This is because as the pillow is so close to your head, it is much safer if no chemical pesticides have been used on the buckwheat husks. There may be negative health costs associated with the possiblity of laying your head on a buckwheat pillow whose contents have been treated with all manner of chemicals. Better to avoid this possiblity by buying an organic buckwheat neck pillow instead.

The main advantage of a buckwheat neck pillow is that it fits exactly to the contours of the head, neck and shoulders. This provides comfortable support for all these areas. Other pillow filling materials often compress too much or endevor to return to their original shape. This results in a pillow that does not support you as it could or should do. Buckwheat pillows are a possible answer to these concerns. A feature that allows you to customize your sleep aid is the ability to add or remove buckwheat hulls to provide the perfect level of support. As individuals we all have varying needs. Adding or removing husks at will means we can adjust our pillow filling to meet our exact requirements.

Buckwheat pillows provide for air flow around your head and neck area. The husks allow optimum air circulation to help keep you dry and cool you down on hot humid nights. Buckwheat pillows can also be stored in a refridgerator or freezer for an additional cooling potential.

Some people also choose to use buckwheat neck pillows as a travel pillow. These provide more support for your head and neck than the typical air filled travel pillows. The only down side is that they take up more space.

Organic buckwheat neck pillows are designed for comfort, neck support, general health and they are also environmentally friendly.