Buckwheat pillows may sound like a strange choice for pillows and even potentially uncomfortable, sort of like a pillow you use on a dare. But in reality, people swear by their comfort and doctors and chiropractors worldwide recommend them for their pain relieving abilities, among other key benefits. Intrigued? You should be. Keep reading to learn more about the exceptional benefits of these therapeutic pillows.

Buckwheat Pillows: A "Hull"istic Choice

organic buckwheat pillows_japanese sizeBelieve it or not, buckwheat pillows are not something new. They've been around for thousands of years. They were (and still are) a popular pillow choice in both Egyptian and Asian cultures. These pillows are all natural. They are filled with the exterior shells of buckwheat, most commonly known as buckwheat hulls. Thousands of these hulls are used in each pillow, and there are many different varieties available from bed pillows to travel neck pillows. In all cases, it may sound uncomfortable to use a buckwheat pillow, but the exact opposite is actually true. In fact, there's many reasons why these pillows have stood the test of time. They have some key benefits over other types of pillows:

Extreme Comfort

The buckwheat hulls act similarly to a Tempur-Pedic or memory foam pillow, cradling your head in a perfect position. It's one of the best sleep pillows you can imagine, no matter how you tend to sleep.

Relief From Pain

Both chiropractors and doctors give two big thumbs up to these pillows. Because they form around your head, they tend to give you a more natural sleeping position. This helps alleviate pain and restless sleep due to discomfort. They are exceptional therapeutic  pillows. organic buckwheat pillows_replacement hulls

Allergy Relief

Unlike fiber or even down pillows, buckwheat hulls tend to not attract dust mites. If you suffer from allergies, these are the pillows for you.

Keeping It Cool

Buckwheat hulls don't retain heat, so if you prefer your pillows to remain on the cooler side all through the night, these types of pillows are excellent choices.

Last A Long Time

Over time, both fiber and down pillows lose a lot of their comfort, but not buckwheat pillows. Because of the strength of the shells themselves, buckwheat pillows last for years and years. Your pillows will keep their shape making them exceptional values over time.

Yet...There Is One Downside

As you can see there are some amazing benefits that buckwheat pillows offer. But there is a downside: the sound. The hulls do make a clicking (or crunching) noise while pressure is placed on them. This is a minor downside, and many people don't notice the noise after the first few days with these exceptional pillows.

Buckwheat Pillow Prices

For all their benefits, there are many buckwheat pillows that are not that costly. You can find many quality varieties for between $20 and $40. Some more well-known brands (those favored by high-end spas and hotels and normally of a bit higher quality) can range between $50 and $70.

No matter the variety, the price is you pay is well worth the comfort and wellness benefits buckwheat pillows can bring to you and your family's  life. They are an exceptional investment in your health.