Bucky Pillow: An In-Depth Review of the Classic Buckwheat Neck Pillow

There are several different kinds of Bucky pillows: their brands include the Small Duo, the U Sleep, the Large Duo, the Buckwheat, and the Bolster, but the company is best known for the Utopia.


The Utopia is a U-shaped pillow that provides comfort and support during travel: on airplanes, trains, in the car, or even just sitting on the couch. You’ve almost certainly seen one of these before.


The Utopia Bucky Pillow is unlike other pillows in that it’s filled with buckwheat. This makes it similar to the Sobakawa Pillow. Buckwheat conforms to fit the shape of its wearer, and then it does a great job of providing firm support. Because of this, buckwheat pillows tend to encourage far less tossing and turning than other pillows.

Another benefit of buckwheat, especially compared to other pillow fillers like feathers and other synthetic fibers, is that buckwheat does not irritate those with allergies.

Your Bucky pillow will come with a cover, which helps tremendously when you want to clean it; just remove the cover and wash it. It also comes with a Buckybag, its own personal carrying case.


There are some qualities of the Bucky pillow that turn people off, however. For one thing, many people don’t like to carry around such a large item when they travel. The description on Amazon.com lists the product dimensions as 11x7x3 inches and 2 pounds. Also, because it’s filled with buckwheat, it doesn’t compress easily.

The large size of the Bucky pillow may become even more of an issue in the future, as airlines continue to increase fees for checking baggage.

Lastly, think about the image you’ll be projecting with your Bucky pillow. Regardless of how comfortable it is, it’s not the hippest accessory in the world. In the comfort of your own home, wear it to your heart’s content (as long as you don’t have any friends over). And on an airplane, it’s borderline acceptable. (It’s okay for longer flights.) But anywhere else, and you’re liable to get a few strange looks.

On the other hand, if you have neck pain or other neck issues, a Bucky pillow might just bring you some loads of welcome relief. In this case, you probably have more important things on your mind than how cool it looks.

The decision, of course, is up to you. I hope this guide has given you some useful things to think about.