Budapest Nightlife

Budapest is a great city, which is still coming into its own after its soviet suppression. Hungary would still be classed as a second world country but it still has lots to offer, especially for the night owls.

Budapest has great weather in Spring and Autumn, it gets a little hot in Summer, but that just means beautiful warm nights. It has plenty of beautiful people who are very friendly and nice.

Every night of the week you can find something happening in Budapest, especially during the warmer months. With huge outdoor clubs, spa parties, modern up and coming cocktail bars and discos plus a slew of small local venues, there is something for everyone. Another thing to note, is that almost all venues in Budapest go all night. With the majority of the below venues, closing around 6am (or whenever everyone leaves – whatever comes first) , 7 night a week. There are also different events that come up on different nights of the week, with bars and clubs offering specials to try and attract visitors for their quite nights. Here are some of the more popular venues:

Morrisons 1

Morrisons 1 is reasonably sized underground venue, which has a bar, a karaoke area and a dance floor. The busiest day is Monday night where they do a cheap beer special. But in general, beer here is pretty cheap anyway. Morrisons 1 is located centrally, near the Opera. It can get quite crowded on Mondays so if standing up for the whole night isn't your thing, you may want to avoid this place. Also a popular spot for backpackers, so the crowd tends to be fairly young.

Morrison 2

Probably the most consistent venue in Budapest all week round. This is a large venue with indoor, outdoor, seating, multiple dance floors, karaoke – the lot. There will always be people here, every night of the week. With a good mix of locals, expats and tourists, of all ages, this is a must visit venue for any trip to Budapest.


The terrace bar, is located at Blaha Luzer ter right off the 4-6 tram line. This venue is famous for its electronic Wednesday nights. It can be a little tedious climbing the 5 flights of stairs, but once you're up, you won't come back down for a long time. With multiple bars, large dance floor and gorgeous, large roof terrace, Corvintita is the place to be seen on a Wednesday.


The largest outdoor club in Budapest. Holding around 3000 people, is Rio. Located across the Danube on the Budda side of the river, just off the 4-5 tram, is this beautiful club. Don't go if its raining, but otherwise be prepared to lounge, dance and relax to great electronic beats, a beautiful venue and very reasonably priced drinks.


Also on the Buda side, closer to the white bridge, Romket is another outdoor venue. Much smaller in capacity than Rio, this doesn't stop the crowds, making this place somewhere you can barely move about on a Friday or Saturday night. With a focus on Hip Hop and RnB music, you will be sure to have a good dance at Romket.

The Island:

The island is the island just north of Margaret Island, which is known for its clubs. You can literally just get a taxi here to find a whole range of different clubs and bars. From the large extravagant Bed Beach, to the smaller Dokk beach. Cubs on boats. Day clubs and more. If you are looking to not sleep, just head over to the island, only a short taxi ride out of town.

There are many many more clubs and bars in and around Budapest, but these are just some of the more common.

One thing for sure is if you enjoy dancing all night, drinking cheap booze and beautiful girls Budapest should be right at the top of your list.