Buddha Charms: Symbols Of Serenity

Nothing says 'I could just be back from a vacation in Tibet or Thailand, but you'll never know' like a nice tan and a brand new Buddha charm hanging over your front door. These little pendants of peace have been getting more and more attention since the reverberating cry of 'Free Tibet' heard around the world in the mid 80s to early 90s. In fact the whole religion of Buddhism has had more coverage than ever before in the West. Movies like The Golden Child saw Hollywood and Eddie Murphy doing their bit as well.

Buddha Amulets: A Pendant For Every Purpose

Buddha peace charms are like miniature portable medallions of Buddhist philosophy and art. The concept of harmony and accord in the world is embodied in these tiny little trinkets that are available in several thousand stores around the country. In fact, they're so prolific that there are charms for every possible utility you can hang things from. There are charmed chains for your keys, baubles for your boudoir, and even rear view mirror hangings to 'enlighten your path' as you look back in retrospect (or just to back up your car).

Buddha Talismans: Cyber Charms

You don't have to go too far to find some great choices in charms and trinkets; in fact, you don't have to go anywhere at all. You can order from the comfort of your own home computer. Online stores like natural-tribal-designs dot com and fengshui-import dot com have a variety of Buddha charms that you can choose from.

Types Of Buddha Charms: Forms And Purposes

Buddha charms come in various Avatars, from ornate jade Budai pendants, to Cloisonne-art hangings and Buddha footprint amulets. The range is extremely wide, and you can buy meditation charms, peace charms, wealth charms, protection charms, holy blessing charms, and also a variety of pendants, amulets, hangings and mantle-pieces. Each of the figures or meditative poses of the Buddha represented on these miniature works of art brings with it a distinctive quality all on its own.

Buddha Ornamental Charms: Materialism

They are also made from a variety of materials such as sterling silver, yellow and white gold, bronze, plastic, and mineral gemstones like Quartz, Emerald and pure cut crystal. You can even get charms made with cloth, like the Paa Yant created by renowned Buddhist monk Luang Phor Kai of Thailand. This is a kind of cloth talisman drawn on cotton using the strictest methods, such as reciting mantras continuously while doing the drawings, and completing it in one sitting.

Choosing A Buddha Charm: A Product For Every Pocket

The pricing of these lucky charms is as wide in range as the variety. A basic picture of the Buddha with the Chinese symbol for peace on the reverse side is less than $2, and the price moves up from there, with a white jade Buddha charm for about $10, all the way through to $150 for an antique ceramic amulet. The more expensive of these charms, talismans and amulets have all, if genuine, been created under special conditions and with materials that have been blessed by revered Buddhist monks.

Gifting A Buddha Charm: Universal Presents

These little trinkets of tranquility make perfect gifts for anyone, as they are not strictly connected with Buddhism as a formal religion. In fact, Buddhism, as all religions originally were, is not so much an exclusive sect of people with particular set of beliefs as it is a way of life intended to purify the spirit, mind and body in preparation for the soul to ultimately merge with Universal Energy. Whether you see it as such, or as a cute little ornament that looks nice on your key ring, there's no denying that they are perfect souvenirs of trips to the Orient, or to your local Buddhist store.

A Couple of General Online Purchase Tips

As with all internet purchases, be sure about two key aspects – security and privacy. Any payment gateway offered should be secure and verified by a reliable authority, and any privacy policy should include a clause committing to perpetual confidentiality of your personal information. After all, you don't want a lucky charm to backfire on you.