Buddha fountains are popular decorative pieces honoring the life of the Buddha: Siddhartha Gautama. Having a spiritual binding surrounding ourselves helps us to revive our aura and follow the path of enlightenment. In some ways, Buddha fountains help us find our spiritualism.

A Buddha fountain helps in creating an enlightened environment in our homes. The idea of placing a one of these in your home is inspired by Siddhartha Gautama (the founder of Buddhism) who achieved and practiced the Zen-like peace, the clarity of conscience, and the state of complete freedom from all sufferings. That's what inspires people to add a Buddha water fountain to the décor in their homes. It just feels right.

Buddha water fountains are a visual stunning focal piece which can be small in size and can be placed just about anywhere in your home. However, because they take up such a small part of a room, the fountains are best for tabletops, desks, shelves, and other non-floor surfaces.

These fountains are available in many different shapes and sizes and it is up to you to decide which one suits you best. The various materials used in the making of your fountains are ceramics, slate material, and many more.  The price ranges for these pieces generally fall between $160 to $500 or more, depending upon the material and type of fountain you select.

The Buddha makes a perfect gift for any occasion. These water features always add style and peace to any surrounding. Buddha fountains can be placed anywhere in the house. In addition, they can be placed outside as well as inside. Generally, they are placed inside the house to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the home.

Some advantages of having a Buddha fountain in your surroundings or at your workplace include:

  • Flowing water adds moisture in the air around the fountain where it is placed. The moisture in the air helps in removing cold symptoms and also aids in removing dry skin problems.
  • They help reduce susceptibility of infection and reduces static electricity in the air.
  • The constantly recycling water from the Buddha fountains plays a vital role in the surroundings where it is kept. It helps in maintaining the general health and wellness of office workers. The increased humidity is especially important during the cold and dry time of year. In a central heating working environment, a large amount of dust particles and other pollutants arise due to non-usage of systems. The additional humidity helps combat dust and other airborne irritants, and it also serves as an air ionizer.
  • The Buddha is a symbol believed to bring peace and prosperity into our homes.
  • There is peacefulness about water which is both relaxing and mesmerizing.

 Safety precautions that one should carry out before installing a Buddha water fountain include:

  • Always consult an electrician about where to position the Buddha fountain.
  • It should be placed where paper work is at a minimum.
  • Always check the desired space for safety and functionality.