Buddha Necklaces: Adornment Of The Gods

Ever since the 'Free Tibet' cry reached the West loud and clear in the 90s, Tibetan fashion jewelry has been on everyone's mind. Necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, prayer beads and singing bowls – you name it; everything started selling like hot gtor-ma for the daily phyi-mchod, figuratively speaking. If you're the trendsetter in your circle of friends, then you want to equip yourself with some really cool Buddha necklaces and pendants. They make perfect gifts as well, because they are supposed to bring with them peace, luck, wealth and contentment. Besides, they come in sets as well, and you can get some great deals on Tibetan jewelry on the internet. The work on these necklaces is all painstaking done by hand, especially the intricate carvings. For this reason, they can either be sold pre-made, or made-to-order.

Buddha Necklaces: Jurassic Gems For Genuine Jewelry

Buddha necklaces, pendants, bracelets, or any Tibetan jewelry for that matter, is usually made from a few types of very old semi-precious stones. Turquoise is probably used the most, and in fact, it is one of the earliest materials to be used as a gemstone. It can be found in the histories of several cultures, and is also popular in the South-Eastern part of the United States. Coral is another ancient material used for necklaces and such, and has religious references in Buddhist scriptures as one of the 'seven treasures'. It is said to have protective powers to ward off evil spirits – most likely a reference to malevolent feelings – and storms, even though it might be a little out of place to worry about a little wind and rain when beset by ghouls and demons. The other gemstone used in making these cultural works of functional art is Amber, known in its most precious form as Mila. As you may recall, the movie Jurassic Park made the gem extremely popular. It was in a piece of Amber that the mosquito fossil carrying the dinosaur DNA was found. Since then there has been a surge in the demand for this once-neglected mineral gemstone. Jade is also used, but is not as common as the other gemstones. Silver is normally used as the metal setting for this type of jewelry, as it provides a strong and visually pleasing base for the often heavy gems. Sterling silver is the metal of choice, and will carry a tiny stamp to show that it's genuine.

Buddha Necklaces: Price, Persona And Policy

Prices for Buddhist necklaces range from about $20 for a small leather necklace to more than $3000 for one made from several pieces of old Mila stone. Pure silver necklaces for men and women are in the neighborhood of about $100, while mixed gemstone necklaces are between $200 and $400. Jewelry with predominantly old Mila or red coral can go up to $1000 or more, depending on the additional carvings or inlay work. Buddha jewelry is not just a random mixture of stones and metal; each piece has a story that is either linked with the various stages in the life of the Buddha, or the tenets of Buddhism. A keen understanding of these connections is essential to making fine necklaces and other jewelry. If you are going to invest in these pieces to the tune of several hundred dollars, it would be wise to only buy from online stores that have a solid customer base. Stores that are more than 3 years old are usually good bets. Be sure that they have a proper returns policy and guarantees to back their products. Many sites will offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount so you can take advantage of that as well. Also, check if their payment gateway is approved by Verisign or similar security protocol. After all, you don't want the experience of buying lucky jewelry to turn out to be a case of bad luck.