What if you could track all the places you went on long vacations of importance? This is entirely possible now that there is free cell phone tracking software. It would probably end up looking like this: You and a small groups of buddies make a decision to go to Europe as a coming of age adventure. You want to go to all sorts of locations so that you can see everything there is to see and know everything that there is to know. You are all pretty tech savvy so you have heard about all the different ways that you could make a detailed log of your trip.

Of all the options you like GPS cell phone tracking the best. This is because it can be used on almost every single phone these days and it is pretty much free for everyone who has a data plan. You decide to give it a try and you seek to find out the best tracking software that free can buy for your trip with friends. You want to be in contact with friends out on the trip and at home while making a log of your adventures for future reference. You want to be able to show your grandchildren where you went when you were 25.

There are several cell phone tracker that you think about checking out, but after looking at the whole crowd you decide on going with BuddyWay since it is free and is geared specifically to those in your situation. You especially like that there are geo-triggered alerts that you can set up to notify you when you are near certain locations. Because of this, you decide to go through all the cities that you are going to be traveling to and add some places onto your tracking software so that you are prepared for your trip in a big way.

Another thing that you really like about BuddyWay GPS cell phone tracking software is that allows you to interact with your trip from your mobile device. If you are especially smitten by some view or vista on your journey and want to mark it down so that you can remember it forever you just have to open up your phone and make the message in the program. BuddyWay will record your message and the exact GPS coordinates of your message so that it is tied to the geography of your position.

Another key feature is that as you create these notes they are automatically shared with your friends and family at home so that they can share in your adventures. They will be getting the flavor of your journey and will be able to feel good with you in your experiences. Mobile phones have an extraordinary ability to bring people together in ways never before imagined.

BuddyWay is also useful because it can help your friends who are with on your trip with you to stay connected. If you break up then the tracking software can let you know where your other friends are so that you can keep each other safe and protected.

The final selling point was that you can download your trip onto Google Earth so that you can watch it all in 3D when you get home. This will put all those crappy home slide shows of the past to shame.

Free GPS cell phone tracking is extremely powerful, and people are just starting to scratch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding what this technology can do for them and their families.