With this Buddybar door jammer review, I just wanted to add my own personal view (the good, the bad and the ugly) to the already unanimous 5 star reviews on Amazon.com. Firstly, a brief overview of the Buddybar door jammer for those who are a bit unsure of what the Buddybar door jammer is and its function. It is essentially a security device used to wedge the door securely from the floor to the door handle, preventing people from opening or even breaking down the door. In practical terms, it acts as a device for ''added security and protection'' -- and for those who realise that a brand new shiny lock isn't really going to keep your door shut against a 140 lb man actively trying to breakdown your door. 

Buddybar Door Jammer
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(price as of Feb 27, 2014)

The Good

Buddybar Door Jammer(108504)Credit: Amazon.com -- Buddybar

What makes the Buddybar Door Jammer stand out from other door jammers, is one simple fact. It actually does the job, and it does the job really well. It claims to be "the strongest home security bar on the market" and to be fair, I have very little reason to doubt it. Everyone likes to give it a 'go' -- to see if they can 'break the bar', and I have to say I was no different. I set up the Buddybar on my garage door and literally gave it 'everything' to shove that door wide open.. to no success. Even when a friend came around, and we both went for it -- with kicking and barging attempts it was all still.. to no avail. 

But hey, It worked! 

Plus the fact if someone were to actually try and break it down, I am pretty sure they would have woke me up in the process of their rather hopeless attempts. 

It's simple to set up too, you certainly don't need a degree to fix this into place, a little bit of adjustment here and there and you are sorted in less than a minute. Made from steel (not aluminum like most other models) and a locking mechanism that fits firmly in place with multi-flooring. I have few qualms in this respect. It addresses many of the 'failures' in its competitors -- slipping, breaking easily, complicated to set up, useless etc. You can sort of tell, as soon as you see it from the packaging and hold the bar up (weighs 8.2 pounds, if you are interested), that this is a firm and sturdy security device  (especially if you have had experience with previous door jammers) -- that this will do its job -- no plastics, no flimsy parts, all steel.

The Bad

I had to seriously think about this one. Is there anything I dislike about the Buddybar? I can't complain about installation of the security bar, the manufacturers even sent me a 'How to set up video' nor can I complain of its failure to work. It works extremely well (I perhaps would have liked a few experimental results -- how much pressure can this actually take, but that is being picky through curiosity). Knowing, that in all likeliness the door hinges would have to snap off before the bar moved out of place. So I then turned to some of the negatives pointed out in other reviews to see if my opinion matched some of theirs. They didn't .The main issue that seems to crop up is the loosening of the door knob, mine are fine, and I can't imagine just screwing the screws tighter can really be too much hassle.

The Ugly

Playing devil's advocate, I wanted to point out two factors. Firstly, the price. Compared to a lot of other door jammers a price of  almost $75 is pretty expensive. Secondly, it is not foolproof. I am sure that 'some' more experienced burglars will be able to get around the buddybar somehow, not really sure how in fairness, but it is naive to assume that just the buddybar will keep you safe. 


Indeed, the price of the Buddybar is more expensive than standard door jammers, but I believe the pricing is more than justified, for a simple fact that I mentioned earlier ... it works, based on reviews of other door jammers, they don't. Hence, cheaper 'door jammers' can barely be compared, the Buddybar -- it is built to actually function and do what it says on the tin. Besides the relative pricing, can you really put a price on that added 'peace of mind' that a buddy bar provides you? 

Secondly, about it being foolproof. Although, I doubt many burglars/intruders could break the door down with a Buddybar attached, it should only be considered a security option, in the sense that it just one of many devices to protect your home. It should be used in addition to door wedge alarms, wireless motion sensor alarms etc. for 'greater security'. Not the only defence.

The Verdict

I have to say it receives the full five stars from me. How can I complain really? The Buddybar Door Jammer does everything that is asked from it, strong and sturdy and a price that can't really be argued with, when you consider the rather terrifying thought of someone trying to break into your room or house. A quality security product, that I highly recommend you check out at the very least, (and to see really how good it when compared with other door jammers) if you are thinking of investing in a door security device. If you have any questions or comments regarding my Buddybar Door Jammer review, then please leave them in the comments box just below.