Decorating is something we all desire to do. We like it when our homes feel warm, comforting, and inviting. However, it often feels like having good decorating style requires a lot of money. This can be overwhelming and make it feel hard to over come. Decorating on a budget may at first feel like a difficult if not impossible task, but if you learn a few tricks you can have a great, well decorated space for a fraction of the cost you might think. Fabric is one way to decorate your space, make huge changes, while not spending a lot of money. It can be used in several different ways. Getting creative is always helpful and can make it possible for you to find a wide range of uses for fabric. Starting with common uses and working your way out is always a great idea.

Fabric is available at a lot of different stores at a wide range of prices. There are stores that contain primarily fabric such as JoAnne Fabrics, craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael's, and even Walmart. Fabric can range from $1 a yard (many Walmart stores have a $1 a yard table and some stores carry sale fabrics) all the way up several dollars a yard. This gives you a wide variety of options for using it in your decorating. You can choose really inexpensive choices or go for something fancier to meet your needs. Another option is to use inexpensive material for large products and then buy specialty fabrics for smaller projects.

There are a huge number of uses for fabrics in decorating. Some of them are very simple, while others require more work to make happen. You can use them to add colors, patterns, and even textures into your room. The choices you make will give you the look that you desire. Here are several different uses for fabric in your design.

  1. Window dressings- You can spend a lot of money on curtains, sheers, drapes, and other window coverings or you can make your own. There are three different options for making your own window coverings. You can sew them, glue them, or use fabric tape and tape them together. You will want to figure out how big you want your curtains to be and how much window you wish them to cover. Measure it out twice to make sure you know the size you need. Then cut your fabric with one inch of extra space on each side. Use this extra to sew a nice hem. At the top you can do a variety of things to make them usable as curtains. Add ribbon loops for hanging it, add cloth loops, or fold over a section so that the curtain rod can run through it (make sure you include enough fabric to do this before you begin). You can also add a different fabric to the boarder for a fancier curtain.

  2. Throw pillows- Pillows make for a great way to add color, patterns, and textures. They can go on couches, chairs, and other furniture. Not only do they look great, but they can also be very comfortable to sit with. You can make your own throw pillows! You will want to determine the size you desire them to be. Then cut your fabric with a few extra inches so that you can attach them together. Using fabric tape, glue, or sewing hook three sides together with the fabric inside out. Turn the pillow right side out and and fill with the polyfill of your choice. Finish by folding the edges of the fourth side over and gluing, taping, or sewing it together. You can make these quickly and easily, with or without sewing skills. Use them all over your house to add color!

  3. Throws- You can make your own throws to add to the back of your furniture. This can be done in the same way as the other projects using sewing techniques, tape, or glue. You can use these to decorate the end of the bed and the backs of furniture.

  4. Covers- You can also make larger throws to cover entire pieces of furniture. Sometimes this can help to renew an old piece of furniture or change the look of a room with a whole new color scheme. This is a very inexpensive option for those who don't have the money for a fitted slip cover.

  5. Walls- You can even tack fabric onto the walls for a great new look. Choose the perfect pattern or color for a new look on the walls. You can do the whole thing or just one wall. Carefully tack the panels into place with thumb tacks and enjoy a great look that can easily be changed. This is a fantastic option for those living in rentals where they can't paint or those who have children who would like dark options. Instead of painting a room dark red or black you can use fabric and save time and money later because all you need to do is pull it down and fill the small holes.

  6. Alternative walls- If you want the fabric look, but aren't sure that you want the holes in your walls you can take liquid starch to apply the fabric to your wall. Dip the fabric in, let it drip all excess off, and use a paint roller to roll the fabric onto the wall. The starch will dry and hold the fabric to the wall. It is a good idea to wash your fabric first to limit the likely hood that the dye will bleed. It is a good idea to choose lighter colors so as not to stain the walls as well.

Getting Creative.
Fabric is a source that lets you get creative with the material. You can add it in little doses throughout the room and can even use it in several places to tie a theme or color scheme together. Use the same fabrics on the curtains as you do on pillows for the couch or bed. Add it in small doses as coasters and lamp shade accents. Have fun with fabric all throughout the house. It can make a world of difference in decorating and can save you a ton of money on more expensive options. Making your own items allows you more control over choices, allows you to mix and match the various items, and makes it easy to save money on items that can cost a lot of money. Fabric and paint are your largest money savers when it comes to changing up a room!