Budget Decorating: A Child's Ballerina Themed Bedroom


  Your daughter takes weekly ballet classes and practices daily.  Her dream is to one day be a ballerina and dance.  Like all little girl's dreams, this will probably change one day in the future - or perhaps not.  Either way, wouldn't it be wonderful to give her a ballerina themed bedroom?  One that reflects her dreams, inspires her to reach her goals, and gives her a place to practice?  Even if you are on a budget, this can be accomplished, giving your daughter the ballerina themed bedroom of any aspiring dancer's dreams.

  If you begin with decorating the walls, you might want to think about painting some ballet scenes, if you are allowed to paint the walls.  Even if you are not an accomplished artist, through use of stencils, you can create little ballerinas, ballet slippers, and other ballet related pictures on the walls of your daughter's bedroom.  Try a very pale shade of pink for the walls, with one slightly darker for the accent wall, which can be used for stencils and paint.  Borders of ballet ribbons look good, too.  If painting is not an option, peel and stick decals can be used.  Create a mural using these.  You can also find peel and stick wallpaper borders of ballet slippers and laces or other ballet images to put around the walls of the room.  Another nice touch for the walls would be pictures of famous ballet dancers, or posters of a ballet.  Decorate the frames for pictures and posters yourself, using ribbons and lace; even some tulle fabric will work nicely for an added touch.  A small wall shelf could hold figurines and a ballerina music box.  For an additional wall decoration, hang her worn ballet slippers, draped with ribbons.  And don't forget to display photos of your daughter performing!  These could be enlarged and framed.

  Use black and pink ballet slipper ties to tie back any curtains or drapes in the bedroom.  Pale pink and lace curtains, with some added tulle material used on the edges, can emulate a tutu.  You can also use strips of tulle to hold back curtains or drapes, providing an inexpensive, yet decorative ballerina touch. 

  If your daughter's room is large enough, a space for daily practice is a good idea.  This can easily be accomplished with a mirror and a ballet barre.  A large wall or stand alone mirror can be expensive; try mirrored tiles on the wall.  These stick to the wall, and can be added around the barre, giving your daughter a full picture of how she's doing in her practice routines.  You could even add a room divider at some time to separate this area from her sleeping/play space in her bedroom.  A hanging divider can be made to hang from the ceiling using a rod and adding some hooks to drape material across.  The material can also be decorated with lace and tulle edging. 

  Use ballerina themed accessories to decorate the rest of the room.  These can be purchased and added as your budget allows.  Lamps, clocks and figurines all can be found with a ballet decoration.  Scatter rugs near the bed, in pink and white, perhaps imprinted with ballet slippers, are nice.  Throw pillows for the bed can also be found with this theme, along with regular bedding such as sheets, blankets, and comforters.  A pink comforter, with added lace and tulle along the edges, will work.  The edging can be hand or machine stitched around the bottom of the comforter. 

  With these ideas, and some others that can be found with a bit of internet research, you can create a wonderful ballerina themed bedroom for your aspiring ballerina.