Budget Exercise For Use At Home
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Effective Fitness Equipment On A Budget

Boxing gyms, by their nature, usually operate with very limited space and even more limited resources.  Yet boxers are widely recognised for being among the fittest athletes.  With a positive attitude and a small budget serious levels of fitness are possible. Here are 5 training aids you can buy for less than $50, to use and store at home. 


Road Work

That is right - running, putting the miles in.  All you need are a pair of training shoes and some determination and you can get started.  

Road work is the basis of all good training.  If someone comes to my gym, even though they may look in good shape, I can tell if they have not done their road work.

It is good to mix up the length and pace of your running but as a minimum you should get out and keep the heart rate up for 30 minutes.

Top Tip - sprint between every second streetlight to really get the heart pumping.

Skipping Ropes

Another cornerstone of a boxers fitness is skipping.  It often forms part of the warm up and warm down.  It takes a bit of time to get good at skipping but like most things in boxing training it is just about finding a rhythm.

As a demonstration of how key skipping rope is to any fighter's training you only need to walk into any gym in the world - the ropes will be there without exception.

Again 30mins is a good guide to help you get in shape.

There are two types of rope generally on sale - plastic ropes which are easier, cheaper, (and sting less when they hit your legs!).  But I recommend leather ropes.  The added weight tones your arms more and they tend to last longer.

There are loads to chose from if you do some searching.  The link below takes you to the leather RDX rope.  You can get cheaper ones but at around $25 (as at time of writing) it provides good value and you can see from the reviews (if you go to Amazon uk site) that it lasts.


As boxing physique is largely based on core strength the kettlebell is becoming more and more popular in gyms.

It can be used for a hugely diverse range of exercises and works arms, back, torso, and legs.  When used correctly and regularly you will feel a big difference - fast.

You should take some advice on techniques to ensure you don't injure yourself.  A great resource is YouTube which has hundereds of different Kettlebell routines to work any area of the body you wish.

Again a quick search will reveal many kettlebells on offer.  There is no need to go for a big brand name here - this is a solid piece of metal and is unlikely to break.

The weight you want depends on your strength.  You will see from a quick search that there are several weight options - I suggest people of average fitness get a 25lb kettlebell. This weight is useful for anyone using this equipment.  It will work larger muscles for smaller people and works different muscles for those who can lift more weight. 

Also - many exercises can be done with just one kettlebell, so you can start off really cheaply.

"To Get Strong You Only have To Lift Your Own Body Weight

An ex European Champion told me this and it is very true.

Press up variations, sit up variations, squats, burpees and neck raises - these will get you in serious shape and they are FREE to do.

Again YouTube is a great information source to see different techniques in each of the above.

One thing that may assist at home is a mat.  To be honest I just pile up 3 or 4 towels but a mat is more comfortable and you can wipe it clean.  There are short cushioned ones just for sit ups but I would get a longer one so you can also work on press ups.

Again - no need to buy really fancy here but it is important to get value for money.  When searching for a mat make sure it gets good reviews on use and durability before you purchase.  As always - there are hundereds of mats available if you think something suits you better... or, if you love doing laundry, you could just use towels.

Boxing Training
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Medicine Ball

This is the final piece of equipment and like the skipping rope - no self respecting gym would be without one.

That said, until you are up to a decent level of fitness you probably won't get great use out of one.

They are so versatile you can use them in many many training routines.

Utilising them in press ups to vary muscles is a great way to get more from your workout.

Sit ups are where the medicine ball really comes into its own.  Working solo you use it to add resistance.  Working in a pair you can incorporate throwing the medicine ball out of a sit up, or using it for impact around your abs - classic fighter training.

Medicine balls come in different weights but again - no need to break the bank here.  You can buy top of the range gear when you use it daily.  The Everlast medicine ball below is fairly sturdy and well priced to get you started.

Everlast PowerCore 9 lbs. Medicine Ball
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(price as of Aug 26, 2016)

Time To Get Out And Train

Hopefully now you have a few more training ideas that won't put a hole in your pocket or take over all the space in your house.

If you have determination and work hard you don't need the fancy equipment people try and throw at you.  Running and lifting your own body weight will get you in supreme shape, everything else will just help you on your way.

Good Luck!