A home is painstakingly-built and lovingly maintained by all homeowners. But despite all the care and upkeep, a home does need some sprucing up from time to time.

Home renovation is undertaken by people for a variety of reasons-to keep up with changing trends, repair and replace damages, re-do individual rooms based on changing needs in lifestyles, or a combination of all of these factors! However, considering inflated prices and costs involved in re-doing houses, it always helps to have a few ways at hand to bring about cost efficiency.

Here are a few ideas to renovate your home without burning a deep hole in your pocket:

  • Try replacing all the lampshades in your house with new, classy ones that coordinate with each other. This is a small expense which goes a long way in altering the look and feel of your house.
  • Change the curtains and/or blinds. They are an important element in any room’s décor, as they typically define trends and personalities. A great set of curtains even for the entire house will not be crushing on your budget.
  • Replacing or re-doing all the doors in your home can be quite costly. Instead, just try changing all the doorknobs, handles, hinges and even nameplate. You’d be surprised at how effective this can be in transforming the way your entrance looks.
  • In the kitchen, small changes can create a dramatic impact. If you don’t want to splash out on new cabinets, how about getting them painted in a new shade? Or you could give the sink area a face-lift, since this is where most of the wear and tear takes place.
  • Experiment with more colors in the house. Since painting the whole home is likely to be quite straining, give wallpapers a go, even in one area in house-perhaps the place where you entertain and socialize. Wallpapers are available in an astonishing variety of patterns as well as price ranges, and they serve one well.
  • New rugs and/or carpets can transform the aesthetics too.
  • Try hanging cheery little paintings on your walls, if you don’t already do so. You could even change the frames of old family photographs that adorn your bedside tables, walls and family rooms to give them an altogether new feel.
  • Getting all the sofa upholstery re-done might be a tad heavy on the pocket, but how about new fabric and designs for the sofa covers? Just a fraction of the expense, but nearly as effective in changing the appearance! New cushion covers are also really great additions.
  • Plants add a great touch to every home. Potted plants dotting your house in various areas both indoors and outdoors are sure to make your home suddenly more cheerful, not to mention healthier! If you already have plants, you could go for new ceramic pots, maybe in different shades and styles.
  • The bathroom can be given instant new appeal by changing the wall and/or floor tiles. Even something as seemingly insignificant as a new shower curtain can really create a different impression.

No matter how you go about doing it, renovation using a piecemeal approach can do wonders without making you cringe at the expense.