Budget Friendly Plus Size Stylish Coats for Women

   Whether for winter, spring, autumn, or even summer if you live in a year round colder climate, a stylish plus size coat is an essential wardrobe item.  If you are on a budget, as most people are, how do you choose the right plus size coat to provide the warmth and coverage you desire?  In addition, how do you choose one that will remain stylish and fashionable for years to come?  Which style of classic plus size coats have remained trendy over time?

  When choosing a plus size coat, the first rule of thumb to keep in mind is to go with a coat flattering to your figure.  Toss out the old, shapeless baggy styles of the past.  Rather than hiding your body, let the coat flatter and shape your body, showing off your assets.  With the new and innovative plus size coats in all styles and designs available at many retailers today, you can choose one that is affordable, stylish and classic; good for every day wear and just about any occasion. If you can only afford one coat that needs to serve for all purposes, choose one in a class cut, such as an A-line designed coat.   If you can afford more than one coat, you can vary them a bit, while still choosing ones that will remain stylish and figure flattering for years.   Whether you get an expensive designer coat, or an inexpensive yet stylish coat, you can find one that will work for you, and be stylish and figure flattering.  

  The next step is deciding which seasonal coat you need.  There are coats for summer, spring, fall, and winter.  Many women are used to buying a basic winter coat and perhaps a rain coat.  If you live in a climate that is cold year round, a couple of good heavy winter coats may be all you need.  If your weather changes with the seasons, a couple coats of varying lengths and thickness will give you something for each season.  An all weather trench coat is a plus, great for rain or a spring day!  Another idea is a coat with a removable lining; this way, it's lighter when the weather is not as cold. 

  You also have choices regarding style of plus size coat - trench style, long, shorter, in between length - fur collar - fur trimmed - A-line and pea coats - you'll need to decide what type works best to flatter your figure, and, if on a tight budget, which coat will carry you for a few years at least.  If money is a consideration, go for a classic style coat.  You might pay a bit more than you bargain for to get a really good one, but if it lasts for several years, it's worth it's weight in gold.  For color choice, you can go with a traditional dark color, which is always figure flattering and stylish, or try something dark, yet perhaps new for you.  A dark maroon blend coat, for example, will still give you the dark color that is figure flattering and slenderizing, yet perhaps be more visually appealing to you than a black or brown coat.  Mauve and navy are two other good color choices.  A few final tips to remember when deciding which style plus size coat to purchase - an "A" line works for just about any body shape.  If you are also petite, try finding petite plus size coats.  Don't go for a real long coat if you are shorter in stature - it will make you appear even shorter and heavier.  Woman Within, an online store, offers petite plus size coats for women that are stylish and flattering.  A petite hooded Berber coat runs around eighty dollars on sale, is available up to a 4X in petites.  The hood is detachable, an added plus.  Jessica London, another online store, offers a better selection of plus size women's coats in petite sizes.  A petite wool peacoat, in sizes 12P to 26P, is available in a variety of colors, including a houndstooth black and white pattern.  Fully lined, warm, stylish yet functional, this makes a great all purpose coat.  A longer, more classic cut wool coat is also offered in petite plus sizes and three colors - purple ink, dark teal, and ivory.  This coat is perfect for everyday and dressier occasions. 

  And don't forget to buy one that flatters your assets.  For smaller waists, a belted coat works to figure flattering perfection!  To show off long legs and look slenderizing, a classic cut A-line coat in a dark color will work.

  Woman Within is a great place for regular fit plus size coats at very affordable prices.  From a fit and flare trench coat at 99.99 to an A-line wool coat from Chelsea Studio for 169.99, there's something for every figure type and budget.  A cozy down filled parka coat, on sale for 39.99 (regular price 109.99) can't be beat for keeping warm on a cold winter's day.  Reviews are very positive for this coat, which can be worn just about anywhere.

  There's a coat or several coats out there for your plus size figure.  All it takes is a little research, and finally, the hardest part - deciding which coat to buy out of the many, many choices offered online or in stores.